Elderberry Syrup

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Elderberries: Nature’s Medicine.

For centuries, elderberries have been known as nature’s medicine chest, first coined by Hippocrates. The native Indians used them for a digestive aid, healthy skin and an array  of bites & illnesses. Scientific evidence has proven time and time again of its effectiveness in combatting colds and the flu.

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My daughter woke up with a fever… by the afternoon she was feeling much better! She still has a low grade fever but is acting like her normal, crazy four year old self without any medicine! Is it fast?! Anyway, thank you for the great stuff!


Son was diagnosed with the flu. He couldn’t even walk, sit up, or anything all day. The doc warned that this will take 5-6 days. I picked up our premade syrup @ 1PM by 6PM, he was sitting up, eating, and talking normally… How he feels is drastic. I can’t believe it.


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