Elderberry Syrup

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Elderberry Syrup: Back to Our Nutritional Roots


Brewed like a tea and sweetened to perfection, elderberry syrup is a nutritious superfood prepared as an herbal extract, enjoyed in a variety of ways.  Take it straight off the spoon like honey, drizzled over pancakes, topped on oatmeal, or mixed into an adult cocktail.

For centuries, this fruit, the berry of the Sambucus shrub, has been known as one of nature’s best for a variety of ailments.  What’s old is new again. Move over blueberries!  The antioxidant super hero is here to stay.

The native Indians picked and ate elderberries for a digestive aid, healthy skin and an array  of bites & illnesses. Scientific evidence has now shown its nutritional strength in helping to support the immune, cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems as well.

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