I love all of the “2018 year in review” emails flooding my inbox right now, especially when they’re incredibly inspiring. Reflection isn’t something we often do in our lives but it’s so important. We can see our soul growth. We can understand how far our small habits have compounded over time. We can get a huge surge of endorphins looking back in all of the GOOD that has happened in our lives. 

In ’18, you and I, together, have impacted over 3,000 lives. THREE THOUSAND.  And that number is the only one I can physically see.  How many people have you told about elderberry syrup and they’re not yet in our Facebook group? How many folks have come by your house and caught a glimpse of your bottle or DIY kit and it spawned curiosity? How many conversations have you and I had online where someone was just lurking in the background of our conversation? I surmise THOUSANDS more. 

The old cliche “it takes a village” is ALIVE and well with our natural wellness tribe.  I’m so proud of you for caring enough about your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family to share this health care tool with them.  I know you’re on cloud 9 right now thinking about your massive impact on the world.  You should be! Your love and compassion for helping and serving others needs to be celebrated, even if for a millisecond of a whispered wahoo! in your mind.

I have to be honest, all of the growth has been both humbling and overwhelming in 2018. Crazy growth like that is the best personal development book on the planet.  The ups, downs, wins and failures. They  are all very special character-building opportunities. 

Being an entrepreneur in the health and wellness space is tough at times.  The feelings of inadequacy are real: How can I possibly keep up and stay true to my vision? How do I serve at my best? What do I do when I’m not? 

I’ve wanted to quit, throw in the towel, and completely give up multiple times this year, especially through the Internet bullying.  I should know better! When you take a bold stand, there are haters on every block.  It doesn’t make it suck any less but it’s a notch in the “I have more people to serve…they’re not one of them…” book.  This article was a fantastic conversation starter.

But here’s the flip side  – the one that I hold on to tightly.  It’s the bucket-filling mojo that keeps me going. Every.single.time I’m feeling knocked down, I get the most wonderful positive berry mail from you about how YOU’RE empowering your families and how wonderful you feel about that.  THAT feedback is my catalyst to keep doing more, serving harder, finding ways to make a bigger impact. Thank you!  And you should know, I print all of your berry love out and hang it in my office xoxo.

2018 has been unbelievable. You are benefitting from elderberry syrup in more ways that I could never have imagined. I am that nerdy science-loving girl.  I know all of the research, the chemistry and benefit of these amazing herbs but I never could fully capture the depth and breadth of how they would impact your lives until you started to share them with me in bigger ways this year.  Like these sweet sentiments from clients:

  • I’m always in the doctor’s office or hospital. You’ve literally saved me thousands of dollars in those costs and in insurance deductibles.
  • I was able to go, and stay, at work so I didn’t have to sacrifice my income.
  • I didn’t miss one child performance this year because my symptoms were all manageable.
  • We finally had a sick-free vacation – everyone stayed healthy and could enjoy themselves this year!
  • I’m immunocompromised. I’m no longer afraid to go out in public in the winter months and never caught as much as a sniffle.

Look at all you’ve done this year towards your health! Keep up the great work and keep adding to our “village” over on Facebook.  

The inspiring testimonials of 2018

I just have to say how amazing this stuff is! Elderberry is great ❤️. My son started feeling sick with a cold about 2 days ago , I started giving him Elderberry every 3 hrs he was good by the evening time , no running nose no coughs and he was able to sleep without being so congested. Thank you Trisha Jackson for helping others and sharing all your Healthy remedies. ?❤️I am stocked up now !!! ~Shannon

I am a first grade teacher, and I began taking elderberry syrup before the school year started. I usually get sick around week 4 with a sore throat, runny nose, and clogged ears, lasting for almost a full month. I started getting sick after two weeks, so I began following the “sick protocol” of more frequent dosing. Three days later, I’m almost back to 100%. Thank you, Trisha, for giving me this powerhouse tool in my arsenal! ~Kelli

Heard over the monitor the other night from the supposedly sleeping 2 1/2 year old: “Momma? Momma? Syrup please! Help me! Syrup please!” I had forgotten to give her the elderberry syrup before putting her to bed. She was just at the tail end of a minor cold. I had been giving her elderberry syrup every 2-3 hours for almost a week. She started with a little bit of a runny nose & you could hear some congestion in her voice & breathing. I started her on the sick protocol the moment I noticed her symptoms (we have been doing the wellness protocol for just over a month). It never became anything more than very minimal drainage from her nose, sneezing, & the sound of congestion. We LOVE our elderberry syrup!! Thank you Trisha for your wonderful syrup! We are very thankful to have it in our home!! <3 ~ Mandii

At age 14 he has battled seasonal allergies most of his life and like most of us spring and fall are his worse seasons. Unlike most of us he has been running 5-6 days a week during those seasons. So he would take a Claritin everyday but that would only stop the sneezing & then it would stop working. He was so done and ready to quite Cross Country and Track just so he wouldn’t have to deal with the outside elements. That’s when I went to one of Trish’s tasting events. That was last month and not only has her elderberry syrup replaced his unhealthy Claritin but it has allowed him to improve his run times. We are believer and customers for good! So again, Thank you Trisha Jackson!❤️ ~ Michelle

My daughter had flu last Saturday fever as high as 103. After first dose of elderberry it fell to 99.4 and after second dose 98.3 and was gone. We took it to prevent it and so far have remained healthy. Thanks so much!. ?? ~ Mindy

A month or so ago, I was having a hard time finding my allergy meds. My syrup arrived just in time when my immune system was at an all time low. Exhausted, stress and every emotion you can imagine…the syrup kept the kids and I healthy. My skin has improved from the meds not drying me out anymore. It’s eased a lot of inflammation from my neck pain and sciatic nerve issues. ~ Erin

I’ve had chronic hives since March 2018. I’ve been to numerous specialists – I’ve tested negative for all…the Cleveland allergist has removed the prednisone to trigger the hives…in the past…I would erupt in severe hives immediately head to toe landing in the ER on several occasions. Well- the last prednisone I took was 2.5 mg on Nov 21 – no hives yet – Ive been on the elderberry syrup for several weeks I believe the elderberry syrup is making a difference. Needless to say I’m delighted with the elderberry results so far ! It sure was a blessing finding you on Facebook ! Many thanks ! ~ Diane

By the time I finished the bottle, I was definitely back to 100%! And I’ve craved it every day since.” ~ Jessica

Woke up with a runny nose and sneezed all day. Took 2 doses and the next morning – ZERO symptoms.~ Julie

I had the beginning symptoms of a virus. I took it several times for the last 3 days. Not only were the symptoms less severe but it only lasted a week! ~ Gina

Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2019! 

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