The Flip Side of the Flu Shot

There is a Story You’re Not Being Told. Over then next few posts, we’re going to unpack what you’re not being told about the flu shot.  My intention is to help shine a light on what’s behind all of the flu shot marketing campaigns and giant...

Flu Shot Marketing

You’re already being inundated with flu shot marketing and it’s impacting you in a big way, whether you know it or not. Welcome to the next chapter in my series: The Flip Side of the Flu Shot. I want my tribe to understand how they are being influenced,...

Is the Flu Shot Effective?

The effectiveness of the flu shot is always a hot topic in the Fall and Winter months. If you’re joining us for the first time, welcome!  This article is part 3 of our series: The Flip Side of the Flu Shot It’s a work-in-progress whereby I’m...

What Are the Ingredients in the Flu Shot?

Our next focus in The Flip Side of the Flu Shot series is all about the ingredients that are used to make the flu shot – something overlooked by both practitioners and consumers alike. Read the ingredients on the flu shot inserts. If you’re not offered the...

What Are the Side Effects of the Flu Shot?

One of the most debated topics around the flu shot is whether or not the vaccine causes you to get sick.  The CDC and medical professions are adamant that it doesn’t. However, the following points are enough to consider that their statement might not be made...

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