What are the benefits of elderberry?

Everyone wants to know the long list of health benefits of elderberries. But even more important is the question “why” can elderberries do all the things the experts say, at the same time?

The chemical makeup of plants is complex and the multitude of phytonutrients can work on several different areas of our bodies at once, as a result.

It’s why elderberries are ‘anti’ nearly everything.


The goji berry, acai berry, and even the blueberry still are all the rage. The media and big names on TV love to give them all the spotlight because they’re easily commercialized now.

But what the news/docs/nutritionists aren’t telling you is that elderberries are at the tippy top if we’re talking about anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Elderberries are rich in anthocyanins (the pigment that gives them their rich purple color) and polyphenols, like quercetin.

A long, long time ago I wrote a quick summary of the health benefits of elderberry in a short blog post. But as most of us know in the natural health world, we have to be super sensitive to algorithms, fact-checkers, and others who are ready and waiting to knock plant-based remedies down a notch. So, I had to be really covert and just skim the surface.

You can also find several peer-to-peer reviewed articles in the research area of my blog.

  • Helps the body prevent viral replication and modulate the immune system for colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, pink eye, and coronaviruses
  • Soothes inflammatory gut issues like allergies, hay fever, IBS, and eczema, constipation & diarrhea
  • Relieves respiratory inflammation like sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma
  • Soothes joint and muscle aches and pains as a result of arthritis, rheumatism, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia
  • Promotes cardiovascular health including maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Regulates healthy blood sugar levels in metabolic conditions
  • Reverses age-related skin challenges
  • Rich in alkalinity
  • Assists in keeping healthy blood pressure levels

I talk with thousands of clients every year. What’s consistent is that elderberry works differently for everyone because, well, we’re all uniquely different.  Your stories matter! We’ll cover some of those unique testimonials in the upcoming videos.

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