One question that is asked at least weekly in natural wellness Facebook groups is: “where can I find the best elderberry syrup recipe?” I’ve curated the most popular blogger recipes shared in over 25 of the largest holistic and natural wellness Facebook on Facebook as well as those from the most popular of Instagram Influencers.

It’s important to note that “best” is super subjective so only YOU will know what’s a “good” recipe for your family. 

  • Don’t love clove ? Find a recipe without it. 
  • Don’t love the flavor of black licorice? Look for recipes that don’t have star anise included in them. 
  • refer more spicy aromas? Look for recipes that might include ginger and cinnamon.
  • Want something light and tangy? Check out recipes that include apple cider vinegar, lemon zest or orange peel.

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Cooking Instructions
The instructions for all of these recipes are virtually the same. Some choose different cook times but a standard 30 minutes for stovetop and 10 minutes on high pressure for the Instant Pot is generally acceptable across all recipes.  


  1. Bring water to a boil in a medium sauce pan. Simmer berries and herbs for 30 minutes.
  2. Strain  in a fine mesh strainer, wring herbs in a cheesecloth or nut milk bag, or use a juice press.
  3. Cool to below 100 degrees or luke warm.
  4. Mix in your desired sweetener.
  5. Pour into clean glass jar and store in the back of the refrigerator for anywhere between 3-6 months.

For the Instant Pot

    1. Fill the IP pot with the water specified in the recipe.
    2. Add in berries and herbs
    3. Manual high pressure for 10 minutes
    4. Natural pressure release & let cool to 100 degrees or luke warm.
    5. Strain  in a fine mesh strainer, wring herbs in a cheesecloth or nut milk bag, or use a juice press.
    6. Mix in your desired sweetener.
    7. Pour into clean glass jar and store in the back of the refrigerator for anywhere between 3-6 months.

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      Ingredient swapping
      Some recipes list using either ground or whole herbs.  Please note that swapping out whole for ground herbs and spices is not a direct 1:1 ratio.  The flavor profile, consistency, and the straining of your syrup will vary drastically. You’ll want to experiment and see which is most palatable for you.

      Some find that ground cloves are stronger than whole. Other feel that using cut and sifted ginger vs fresh or ground packs a bigger punch.  Only you’ll be able to tell what works best for your family.

      Syrup Sludge
      Many of these recipes call for ground herbs. For some people, this can be problematic because it can create sludge at the bottom of your jar as the herbs settle.  Your elderberry syrup will be fine – just shake liberally and enjoy. Using ground herbs may give your elderberry a much different texture than using whole herbs.

      Adding an acidifier
      Some bloggers are using recipes that call for orange zest, lemon zest or even apple cider vinegar.  Those elements not only brighten the recipe, but they can extend the fridge-life of your syrup.  Rosehips, while an herb, when used in a larger quantity, can also act as an acidifier, lowering the PH of your syrup. 

      Fresh vs Dried Elderberry swapping
      Much like ingredient swaps, fresh for dried elderberries isn’t a 1:1 ratio. In fact, it takes 7lbs of fresh elderberries to net a similar concentration as 1lb of dried.  You’ll see that one blogger below has undershot that a bit so please keep in mind that your recipe will be weaker if you stick with hers. 

Wellness Mama

Original source
Kate is a well loved natural wellness blogger whose elderberry syrup post went viral a few years ago. This is a basic recipe that can be found even years before she began blogging but it continues to be the #1 most shared recipe on the Internet – she’s a savvy digital marketer and really knows how to get the word out!

The Wellness Mama Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Real Food RN

Original source
Also named Kate, this online influencer is a nurse and shares the same recipe as Kate, The Wellness Mama.  Kate, the RFRN highlights using either ground or whole spices in her variation. 

The Real Food RN Elderberry Syrup Recipe

    The Hippy Homemaker

    Original source

    Christine is an herbalist who has a more robust recipe.

    Note: the blogger doesn’t indicate whether or not the rosehips are whole, seeded, cut and sifted or powdered so we’re assuming cut and sifted as a middle ground option for this recipe.

    The Hippy Homemaker Elderberry Syrup Recipe

      Crunchy Betty

      Original source

      Betty’s recipe is a simple one. One major callout here is the swap for dried elderberries for fresh elderberries. If you’re buying fresh (or frozen) elderberries, for a similar concentration, you’ll want to use 7lbs of fresh elderberries for every 1lb of dried elderberries. So for Betty’s recipe, you’d want to use 3.5 cups fresh berries vs her 1c suggestion below.

      Crunchy Betty’s Elderberry Syrup Recipe

        Wilder Child

        Original source

        Wilder Child’s Elderberry Syrup Recipe

          Living Whole

          Original source

          Living Whole Elderberry Syrup Recipe

          Optional add ins:

          • Ginger (1-in. Piece Chopped or Grated)
          • Turmeric
          • 1/2 Medium Orange (Zest and Juice)
          • Cinnamon stick

          Food is a Four Letter Word

          Original source

          Food is a Four Letter Word Elderberry Syrup Recipe

            Who else?

            Do you have a favorite recipe? Drop a comment below and let us know. We’ll consider adding it to this list!

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