One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “where to buy elderberries.”

In fact, it’s the very first question that helped me create my do-it-yourself kit in 2009 when so many people were intimidated with the buying process.

Buying in bulk is expensive and time consuming so I knew I could at least alleviate some of the headache when people were already sick and just looking for a quick solution.   

Yes! It’s true. They are also really hard to find, especially from August through May.  Prices have skyrocketed by upwards of 300% year over year for the last 5 years which is the primary reason we’ve also seen elderberry syrup increase in price.  Where we once paid $13-$15/lb (retail), we’re now paying $30+ per pound at the height of cold and flu season.  And if you’re an Amazon shopper, you’ll pay a ridiculous $45 – $60 per pound during the same time periods; especially if we see another elderberry shortage as we did just a few years ago.

In 2017, we saw a legitimate elderberry shortage. Between dismal crops that summer and the high demand, for anyone not buying in the hundred-pound quantities, finding berries of any kind, dried or fresh, was bleak. 

Below is a comprehensive list of bulk herb store companies that sell organic elderberries by the pound. Please note, this list will not keep track of those who are sold out. You might consider pining this post to Pinterest to check back for pricing and availability.

And after all of your searching, if you’re still overwhelmed and intimated, no worries – I’ve got your back. Just shoot me an email and we’ll ship out a make-it-yourself kit that prepares 1 quart of syrup.

Certified Organic Elderberries

Prime Member? You can also find single pound packages on Amazon here.

Wildcrafted Elderberries
The Tiny House Farm
The Herbalist

Do you know of another company not on this list? Email Me Now and I will include them.

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