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Mar 21, 2020

✅ C0V*D19 was here before we discovered it 12/31/19
✅ People were C0V*D19 symptomatic before we had the tests
✅ The numbers being reported are arbitrarily rising because we have the diagnostics (tests) now and something to report off of. There was nothing to use prior to those being available.
✅ The number of symptomatic people were already rising, before we had the test to measure anything and could have peaked before we had data to do the statistical analysis
✅The disease isn’t just *now* spreading because we have the tests…it was spreading organically, all on its own, long before someone invented the test.
✅The curves in different states aren’t indicative of the “spread” to those states. The states are getting tests at different points in time, in various quantities and testing with different standards defined by each state. So, all of the curves will look different.
If you overlayed all of those facts, the picture would look different.
✅The rapid nature of “spreading” is also, in-part, arbitrary. It has a lot to do with the number of people who are now “raising their hands” that they are sick and show up to get tested. But only based on their states requirements so looking at the collective whole, you can’t make heads or tails of it.
✅ The more we test, the higher or lower the bars move in proportion to the number of people who show up to get the test.
✅Curve data is a statistical model based in part on actual data and assumed data. If everyone stays home and doesn’t get tested, there is a mass population not being accounted for and based on your state, that could make a major impact on what’s actually going on.

Stats are fun.

Apr 1, 2020

Marketing + Psychology = Influence {Long}
C0v*D Critical Thinking Part 2
There is an intersection of marketing and psychology happening right now that’s being used to manipulate.
People of influence, power and those in authority roles (either real or perceived) are beginning to overreach.
It’s important to immediately get familiar with these things:
*NLP (Natural Language Programing)
*Thought Reversal
*Emotional Intelligence
*The Reciprocity Effect
*The Compound Effect
While there is a very real public health threat happening, there are facts, figures overlaid on top of talk tracks that aren’t adding up.
The real question we should be asking is why?
*What are we not being told?
*What is the bigger agenda?
*What will we lose or gain as a result of what we’re being told or from the information withheld?
You can use what I’m about to share to ask better questions and dig for more truths vs blindly following the herd. It’s time to hold people accountable – no matter their position, or letters behind their name.
I can see the manipulation because I’m a highly skilled marketer with a background in psychology. I study human behavior and how the brain works in my “spare time,” for fun.
These folks are using a blend of principles to motivate and influence the way you think, feel and behave creating an emotional response vs a critical thinking one.
Emotions (heart-centered) move mountains. Thinking (brain-centered) stalls the ship.
We generally see this in advertising but it’s now being used in a local, national and global way.
You need to be watching for these things as you’re already buying something you weren’t really shopping for (and it’s working). Only now, it’s rooted in fear.
You need to understand that…
✅ The way in which someone speaks creates positive or negative responses in our brains.
The tone and inflection of their voice, the speed of their words, and the length of their pauses in between words and sentences…
…they all influence how much we like or dislike what they are currently saying.
These things influence, long-term, how we perceived them going forward, too, in addition to our immediate reaction.
A softer, slower in a poetic cadence with a more monotone pitch creates a more soothing atmosphere, drawing you in and building your trust.
Done consistently over time (see “The Compound Effect), it becomes harder for you to believe the authority can do no wrong.
✅ The type of clothes people wear and the colors they choose trigger a brain response without you even knowing it.
Jackets, scarves, glasses, type of tie, the way one does their hair, the type of makeup worn (or not) the amount of skin shown, etc. all play a role.
✅ Body language matters.
Visually, you don’t even realize that you’re drawn to particular people who stand with their bodies positioned in a certain way that creates a more positive atmosphere.
✅ The specific words someone uses, in a specific order, can create rapid change in behaviors for large groups of people at the same time.
✅ Telling heart-warming stories and using metaphors releases hormones from your brain, erasing any doubt or anxiety you might have had prior and draws you into a particular way of being.
Or, it can instill a deep sense of anxiety and change your reaction in a heartbeat.
✅ Leveraging as many senses as possible is one of the most well-known ways to taps into the subconscious mind.
>> Showing images of children or displaying things kids have done/said
>> Building camaraderie around patriotism
>>Telling stories of people who’ve risen despite their hardships
>> Playing music
>> Showcasing folks singing
Smell & Taste
>> Sharing recipes
>>Using language that you can imagine the feeling (“flipping a switch”)
✅ There is a period of time before important information is delivered. We call it a ‘launch ramp.’
It can be days or weeks of taking certain steps that warms up and the audience to be more receptive to bad (or good) news.
When you’re listening for it, you’ll hear the repetition.
Repetition (also a compound effect tactic) makes something feel like a fact over time and lessens your desire to question what’s being shared.
Or, you’ll notice the repetition completely stop without warning and won’t think twice about looking back and wondering why.
It’s no coincidence that heartstring-pulling stories are released just a day or two before big news is shared.
The following books are excellent sources to understand more about what is happening.
The questions still remain:
*For what purpose
Robert Cialdini, Influence – The Psychology of Persuassion
J. Scott Armstrong – Persuasive Advertising: Evidence Based Priniciples
Dan Ariely – Predictably Irrational
Chip & Dan Heath – The Power of Moments | Made to Stick
Noah Goldstein – YES!
Donald Miller – Building a Story Brand
Roger Dooley – Brainfluence
Doug Atkins – The Culting of Brands
Frank Luntz – Words that Work
Vance Packard – The Hidden Persuaders
Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. – Nudge
David R Hawkins – Power vs Force
Christophe Morin – Persuasion Code
Joseph Murray – The Power of your Subconscious Mind
Brian Tracy – Psychology of Selling
Steven Covey – The Speed of Trust
Scott Adams – Win Bigley
Guy Kawasaki – Enchantment
Leonard Mlodinow – Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior
Malcolm Gladwell, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins

Apr 13, 2020

✅ “It’s bad” is subjective. It’s another person’s “status quo” or someone else’s “OK” depending on demographics, psychographics, level of tolerance, geolocation, etc
✅ It’s OK to hold people accountable to protect our constitutionally-based freedoms
✅ Statistics do matter. They tell a bigger picture story. Myopic beliefs, predicated on personal experiences, are based on emotion and not a 30k foot perspective of what’s going on as a whole.

✅ Out of the norm events require out-of-the-box thinking. “The way it’s always been” doesn’t always fit the times. Sometimes, the least likely solution is the right one.

May 8, 2020

There is a definitive structure in place for our press conferences. {Connect > Sell > Celebrate}
✅ Make a personal connection, like wearing local collegiate school ties or recanting a recent visit to your small rural Ohio hometown.
✅ Tell a personal story, like your wife making soups or masks
✅ Tell a community story: show kids, the vulnerable, adding a musical or artistic component when it fits
✅ Share all of the good everyone is doing
✅ Get into the details.
✅ Reinforce all of the good everyone is doing through a lens of togetherness, reinforcing group think.
These are well known psychological tactics used when someone is trying to persuade and influence human behavior to move a listener, viewer or reader in a specific direction.
Especially effective during times of crisis.
Tapping into an audience’s emotions is a powerful motivator.
The strategy creates a physiological response – a continuous drip of feel good hormones that helps soften the blow for things like…
😡 stay at home orders
😡 masks
😡 social distancing
😡 closing businesses
😡 taking away constitutional freedoms
Those hormones also then cloud the brain’s ability to recognize…
❗Inconsistent data
❗Incorrect data
❗Missing data
This is especially effective when coupled with an “in this together” campaign to bring upon a sense of community vs what it actually is -> an authoritarian directive.
We see this with language like…
👉”When we all do this collectively, we are protecting each other.”
👉”We want you to comply because you care about each other.”
👉”This is out of mutual respect for each other”
👉”This is a team sport Ohio.”
👉”We have gotten this far…because of what Ohioans have done”
👉“…the win means getting this behind us and moving on.”
👉”…you might be doing it for my child who is immune compromised, you might be doing it for my parent…we are doing collectively.”
These emotional tactics create cognitive permanence. There is very little that can be said or done after “the sale” as the “new world” belief system, the blind trust and fear-based mindset will live on forever more.
Well known experts teach how to do this effectively (and it’s working)…
*Robert Cialdini
*Scott Adams
*Don Miller
*Chriss Voss
*Russel Brunson

We’ll likely never see a day when we will pivot away from this conference structure to repurpose and better utilize the time to answer tough questions with substantiated evidence that’s accurate, consistent, and holds everyone accountable without the unnecessary tactics that distract everyone from the truths. And that’s unfortunate for everyone.

July 20, 2020

Are we focused on the wrong thing? Summer cases are rising in certain hot spots. If we know that C0V*D sheds via fecal matter, why aren’t we talking about rear mandates & good bathroom hygiene checkpoints at swimming pools, rivers, lakes, and oceans? That thought process correlates highly with the hot spots.

July 25, 2020

It was shared recently that, in Ohio, CV19 has been linked to…
*Rec areas
*Ohio veteran’s home
*Graduation parties
*Pool parties
*In the community
*Bus trip
*Nursing facility
*Out of state travel
*Visiting other counties
*Group trips
*Name that Tune events
Friends: It’s EVERYWHERE.
Viruses don’t pick and choose where they want to show up. It’s all around you right now.
Stop what you’re doing. Turn left, then turn right, and it’s likely there.
What did you do today? Where did you go? Who did you see?
This stuff is communicated through press conferences by using very specific language to keep you scared and keep you home.
It’s no secret marketing tactic. You use the words that your audience uses to gain your know like and trust factor.
Your state leadership knows exactly where the community has been because of contract tracing.
They are highlighting the specific things because they know that the likelihood that you are doing it to his high.
It doesn’t mean that all of the sudden, the virus chose to show up to those things. 
Before the first positive test, you were already doing these things (like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings). 
This isn’t new news.
They highlight it now to make you aware so that you stopped doing these things.
They know you’re a “visual person”. They know you’re not reading. They know you’re not into the details.
You’re going to get it, asymptomatic or not.
You’re going to know someone who has it.
It still has a 99%+ recovery rate.
99% + of anything is a pretty damn good statistic.
I get it. Words are scary. But the best tool you have is to be educated about these things and ask yourself “why” is information being presented in the way they’ve (leadership) has chosen?
You know how the media winds up saying to hurricane-prone areas: “get out or die?” They have to create the scariest of scenarios to motivate a particular behavior.

That’s how influence psychology works.

7/24/20: https://bit.ly/3TqZqew
8/21/20: https://bit.ly/3RgHbqu 


Mar 12, 2021


All Semantics Matter.

In the last year, the word “hoax” has been widely misused and misunderstood.

Hoax = deception
Hoax ≠ is not real or did not happen

In other words:
The 🦠 is real.
The reason and way it came to be and the way in which the government is responding to it are hoaxes.

Now, re-read the actual definition.

This is an important distinction because it diffuses the majority of negative emotions once the true definition is understood.

December 26th, 2021

 All math matters.
Hospitals are only “at capacity” or “overrun” to the extend that there is enough staff to treat the number of patients.

Thousands of medical professionals have been fired or quit recently, reducing the number of staffers to treat the patients.

Where everyone gets this wrong is thinking that the overall number of patients have increased but the staffing has remained the same. Those stats typically aren’t shared.

You should be looking at the ratio of staff to patient ratios in past years, prior to the p8nd3m!k.

 “Bre8kthröögh cases” is a manipulative catch phrase contrived to trick the brain into thinking that outbreaks in the waxxinated are rare instances.

It’s a PR/marketing hack that softens the blow when people realize that they really meant “it isn’t working like we thought it should”.

When “bre8kthröögh cases” becomes the norm (as it has been), we should be asking: “what’s *really* going on here?”

 Choosing kindness for your body is as much about avoiding the junk you put in it as it does fueling it with health.

 Many who have taken an oath to “do no harm” are under the influence of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias right now. Be kind as they find their way out. That has to be unimaginably hard to untangle.

 Prevention and trēatment are not the same strategies. The public has been duped into believing otherwise.

 8lph8, bet8, d3lt8 nor 0mn!cr0n are NOT prevention strategies. Even if you are poked, you are just as likely to contract. For some stra8ins, your v!rulency is much higher.

 The definition of “UnV” is a moving target. When you hear it, you need to ask the source: “what does that mean? None? 1,2,3 or 4 (soon to be 5)?

Ohio Health stopped posting their data earlier this year. They were on an every 5 day cadence. I had questioned them on 3 separate (very public) occasions to disseminate the data they were sharing, asking them to deep dive on V vs UnV so that we’d have all the informed consent information.

All 3 times, they declined to answer after some public pressure in support of what I was asking.

Ultimately (and coincidentally), they stopped posting the data.



Jan 14, 2022

©Trisha Jackson

A few notes about this week that suggests we have work to do:

 Moms believe that they are “safe” for 90 days post inf3ction. This is a marketing headline to promote b00sters.

 Mature populations still don’t understand headlines.
“99% of hospitalizations/deaths” was buzz-worthy in Q3 2021 when marketers and journalists included ALL deaths (with C0V!D and from C0V!D) from the time period before waxxeenez were even available.

This means that 100% of the people weren’t waxxinated. The misinformation was intentional and clearly effective.

 Moms still don’t understand the real reason why the mask m@nd@tes continue to exist (or existed in the first place). Likely because they’ve not read the documents about how the C0V!D relief funds were distributed.

After a hearty interaction with a parent last night, this was very apparent.

My guess is that they never read the full 2000 pages (or a subset of) the C@RES act, either.

Like anyone else, they deserve grace and prayer to grow in their journey, no matter how frustrated we are about their pace.

I reserve the same right for my frustration and commitment to excellence.

 Waxeene data is surfacing from Kaiser Permanente and Halifax Hospitals. There is big data missing in the charts/graphs: they are not being transparent about the breakout of the “unwaxx!n@ted”.

We need to tease out those specifics. We also need to understand their comorbidities. Trisha Rene

Why is this significant? Because the story is shifting now that the mainstream is becoming more aware.

Where they were sharing the data as-is before; and everyone chose a side, they are now leveling the playing field by showing data that makws it seem like it doesn’t matter if you’re V or UnV.

This makes everyone *feel* “safe,” but is smoke and mirrors.

The fallacy lies within the definition of UnV.
UnV = none at all or 1 within 2 weeks of the data being pulled. In other words, if a needle touched skin, they were jabbed but quantitatively speaking, they’re not “counting it”.

This is another mass psychosis tactic. They are taking advantage of the mass population that doesn’t understand these things.

Medical freedom community: you’re welcome to share with credit.

Aug 29, 2022

(OG post was removed)

RE: “50% of Big10 athletes are asymptomatic for myocarditis.”

©Trisha Jackson

As many people are eagerly anticipating the college football kickoff this weekend, they are also on edge about the tragic rise of ‘sudden adult death,’ specifically in elite athletes. There are many questions about the role that the V plays in this trajectory.

It’s important that we recognize that we are all subject to our own confirmation biases. We must be diligent about details and open to constant re-learning.

A Recent Headline
There is a misconstrued video circulating whereby 2 medical professionals discuss a study released in April 2021 that identified asymptomatic myocarditis in Big10 athletes. One of the professionals misspoke about what the data *actually* said. Whether or not he meant what he said or simply shared it incorrectly has yet to be clarified. None the less, here’s what’s happening:

The headlines read:

“50% of Big10 athletes are asymptomatic for myocarditis”

That sounds scary so I dug into the data because it’s important to tease out the raw numbers and fully understand the context of percentages.

✔️ Study looked at Big10 athletes who had C0V!D between March 1, 2020 and December 15, 2020.

🛑 📅 3/1/20 – 12/15/20 predates the release of any V so speculation for this particular study isn’t relevant.

✔️ 20 of the 37 players diagnosed with myocarditis (54%) were asymptomatic

🛑 This is the only soundbite that’s going viral though which is not the whole story. This is one important data point in isolation, which could be used to determine how/when to scan athletes who’ve had C to understand future health risks (and what to do about it) but it shouldn’t be leveraged as a headline.  

BUT, it in no way suggests that 50% of Big10 athletes have asymptomatic myocarditis, as misguided headlines suggest, nor does it suggest that 50% of everyone in the study was asymptomatic. 

This a fraction of a fraction. The 54% is RIGHT, just needs to be thought about in context of the bigger picture and leveraged as one data point for further action.

✔️ This means that 20 out of the total 1597 (1.3%) were asymptomatic for myocarditis 

What needs to happen

👉 A repeat of the study after Aug ’21 (post V requirements).


What is the break out of schools for athletes were V vs not V?

  • 🏫Iowa & Nebraska did not require
  • 🏫Indiana required, then backtracked
  • 🏫Maryland didn’t require it until 1/9/22
  • 🏫Ohio State, Rutgers, Purdue, Minnesota, Michigan, and Michigan State all required V for Fall ‘21 attendance.


Some colleges allowed for exemptions – did that apply to athletes? How would that impact the numbers?

Use the unV who had C0V!D as a control group

How do these number stack up against the non-elite athlete population of kids the same age who also had C0V!D?

How do these numbers stack up against the non-elite athlete population of kids the same age who had C0V!D + took the V?

What was the breakdown, by the sport of the total cases studied?

How does that knowledge impact risk factors for potential future issues?


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