The Scientific Research on Elderberry Syrup

As elderberry syrup becomes more mainstream, speculation and misinformation about this herbal tonic increases as well.   But, the truth is in the pudding…err…syrup.  It’s both safe and effective. Below are peer-to-peer research journals citing...

The Flip Side of the Flu Shot

There is a Story You’re Not Being Told. Over then next few posts, we’re going to unpack what you’re not being told about the flu shot.  My intention is to help shine a light on what’s behind all of the flu shot marketing campaigns and giant...

Flu Shot Marketing

You’re already being inundated with flu shot marketing and it’s impacting you in a big way, whether you know it or not. Welcome to the next chapter in my series: The Flip Side of the Flu Shot. I want my tribe to understand how they are being influenced,...

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