A member of a plant family that includes cardamom and turmeric, ginger is one of the oldest remedies in herbal and aromatic traditional treatments, especially in China, India and the Middle East.

Some purport that they have been using it as a tonic root for over 5,000 years to treat many ailments. Ginger was an important trade article, exported from India to the Roman Empire over 2000 years ago, where it was especially valued for its medicinal properties.

While commonly referred to as a root, the edible part we see is actually called the rhizome, the horizontal stem from which the roots grow. Its spicy fragrance is due to a chemical constituent in its essential oil, a ketone, called gingerol. Gingerol is responsible for ginger’s amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities (1).

This herb touts many benefits including:
1. Nausea aid
2. Anti-blood-clotting ability
3. Promotes healthy digestion
4. Supports the immune system
5. Strong anti-bacterial agent
6. Anti-mucosal
7. Aids respiratory function
8. Relieves anxiety
9. Natural aphrodisiac

According to Ayurvedic medicine, it’s believed that because ginger is so effective at warming the body, it can help break down the accumulation of toxins in your organs. Additionally, that it cleanses the lymphatic system, the body’s sewage system that is used to carry out toxins (2).

Did you know? In 2011, The Journal of Microbiology and Antimicrobials published a study that tested the effectiveness of ginger on enhancing immune function. Up against conventional antibiotics for Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes Nigerian researchers discovered that the natural solution of ginger killed the bacteria more effectively, every time (3)!

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