“I have to wear a mask if I choose to not get a flu shot or I’ll be fired.”

Forced vaccination is a big concern of many healthcare employees.  They feel threatened and bullied into getting the flu shot against their will.  This article is one of many in my Flip Side of the Flu Shot series. If you’ve missed prior posts, you can find them here:

Employers at hospitals, healthcare facilities, etc that receive funding through the Health and Human Services Department  cannot force you to wear a mask nor vaccinate: https://healthfreedomidaho.org/complaint. You are allowed able to submit a religious or moral exemption from vaccine requirements.  It’s considered discrimination and a violation of personal rights if you are forced to vaccinate or wear a mask.  You can file a complaint here.

Note: very few healthcare facilities do not receive any sort of funding through HHS.

What else can I do to prevent forced vaccinations?

Beg. Here is one woman who plead her case to management and they accepted.

Provide scientific studies to the decision makers.

Influenza vaccination for healthcare workers who care for people aged 60 or older living in long term care institutions

There is no evidence that only vaccinating healthcare workers prevents laboratory-proven influenza or its complications (lower respiratory tract infection, hospitalization or death due to lower respiratory tract infection) in individuals aged 60 or over in LTCIs and thus no evidence to mandate compulsory vaccination of healthcare workers.

Vaccines to prevent influenza in healthy adults

Influenza vaccines have a modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost. There is no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission.

Leverage union help

  • Nurses unions
  • Hospital unions
  • Healthcare unions

Find loopholes. 

If your health is important to you and you’re concerned, it might be worth the short-term risk to find alternatives ways to get around the policies.  Here are 2 examples of what other employees have done (ttps://rense.com/general87/vaccin.htm )

My physician, a naturopath, provides flu shots at his clinic and he offered to give me an extremely dilute one (less than 1 drop of vaccine in a saline syringe) so that he can legally sign the paper saying he gave me the shot.  

I have a friend who went to a drug store pharmacy when the pharmacist wasn’t there, paid for the shot but did not receive it, then submitted the receipt to her workplace.  I am pondering what to do this year. I want to take a stand but don’t feel good about causing too many waves right now. If nothing else, I want to protect myself quietly. 

For further reading, this is a great book  you can buy on Amazon: 

“Legal and Ethical Problems with Mandatory Vaccine Policies in the Workplace”
Check it out here: https://amzn.to/32QvVIb

If flu shots are important for you to avoid, I hope you’ve found these resources valuable.

Best in health,


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