These holistic health habits are easier to put into practice than you might think!  Making these small shifts in your daily habits, consistently over time, will have a massive impact on your overall health.

TᗩKE YOᑌᖇ EᒪᗪEᖇᗷEᖇᖇY ᔕYᖇᑌᑭ
Proteins in elderberries prevent viruses from replicating as they can penetrate the fatty cell membrane. Shop online now.

ᔕTOᑭ ᔕTᖇEᔕᔕ
Cortisol, the stress hormone is helpful in fight or flight situations. But when you’re constantly stressed and releasing cortisol, your body’s chronic state of inflammation leads to illness and disease. Check out our self care section of our Amazon store for stress-less tools.

?Go media-free (tv, radio, social)
? Do one self-care practice a day (foot soak, read, take a nap, draw a bath). We love these bath salts.
?  Meditate and/or Pray

EᗩT ᒪEᗩᖴY GᖇEEᑎᔕ
Chemicals compounds in leafy greens have been shown to increase proteins that support the immune system. Watercress, Collard Greens, Chard, Spinach, Bok Choy, Beet Greens, Kale, Arugula, and Chicory are all highly nutrient dense options. Mischief Markets

GET ᐯITᗩᗰIᑎ ᗪ
? Get outside into the sunshine
? Use a full spectrum lamp (find an excellent quality option is listed in our “self care” section of Amazon)
? Invest in D3/K2 supplements (this is a reputable brand)

ᔕᒪEEᑭ ᗯEᒪᒪ
The quantity of sleep is much less important than the quality of sleep.
? Turn off electronics that emit yellow light at least 2 hours prior to sleep.
?️ Keep your room pitch black
->>Practice deep breathing
?Journal every thought that passes through your mind just before bed (we love these journals)
?Drink sleep-promoting herbal teas (try our elderflower tea, too!)
? Avoid alcohol or caffeine in the afternoon and into the evening

ᑭᖇIOᖇITIᘔE ᑭEᖇᔕOᑎᗩᒪ ᕼYGIEᑎE
? Wash hands after touching people, places or things
? Shower at least once daily
✂️ Keep nails trimmed & clean (our favorite stylish nail care set)
? Brush your teeth, gargle (salt water optional) & consider oil pulling

What are you doing to stay well?

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