If you missed our Facebook Insider’s Live this past weekend, we talked about the importance of detoxing our mind, body, and spirit NOW, rather than waiting until January when our stress levels are through the roof and the damage has already been done.

This week, let’s focus on emotional detoxing.

Who can you remove from life that makes you feel small, agitated, or frustrated by often?
Who can you choose to reconnect with who makes you feel expansive, instead?

Where are you currently choosing to think about, listen to, or read that creates negative energy in your body, fear, or something other than joy? What ONE habit can you change, starting today?

A healthy immune system starts with what you feed your mind. Junk in, junk out. And too much junk (or stress) over time starts to create inflammation, then leads to disease.

Take a listen and tell us at least ONE thing you’re committed to this week to release mindless or otherwise negative mental chatter on your path to detoxing, all naturally.


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