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Elderberry syrup is 78% water.

The key to a delicious & efficacious elderberry syrup is by making an irresistible juice are in the water in which the berries are soaked and simmered in purified water before adding the honey and lemon juice.

Raw honey

Raw Honey
Our apiary partner is a small family-run business practicing sustainable bee keeping in the Southwest Central Ohio area.

Real Lemon Juice

100% Organic Sicilian lemons bring out the beautiful flavors of berries & herbs as well as create a longer lasting product in your fridge to enjoy.

Elder berries, leaves, and flowers

The hero in every sip.

Black European Sambucus nigra nigra (berries, flowers)
Our European farm partners hail from Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria and Poland. The plants grow naturally in the wild and are harvested with regenerative and fair trade practices providing their teams with agricultural education, fair wages, and flexible work hours, treating their teams like family.  European harvesting is mutli-generational. Our partners have mastered their craft and as a result, their operational efficiences bring us an affordable wellness tool to our community. The current scientific data supporting ©ElderHealth is based on the Black European elder.

Black American Sambucus nigra canadensis (berries, flowers, leaves)
Our farm partners are small, family-based farms that cultivate elder on man-made farms throughout Ohio, Iowa, and Missouri. We choose regenerative farm experts first before considering traditional farm philosophy partners.

Other ingredients

Flavor & synergy

We grow what we can here in Ohio (lemon balm, echinacea, comfrey, yarrow and calendula) and source 100% organic ingredients from local farmers first, then US-based farmers (like River Hills Harvest and Pacific Botanicals) and beyond when ingredients, like clove and cinnamon, cannot grow in our climate (StarWest Botanicals, Mountain Rose Herbs, Frontier Co-Op, Bulk Apothecary).

It’s no secret. Many elderberry syrups seem the same on the surface using similar ingredients. What set us apart is the science and research we’ve gone deep on to understand the nutritional density you need in our recipe, balanced with a flavor you’ll love in all of our blends.


A How To Use Elderberry For Optimal Health Guide!

You've heard about elderberry but don't know much about it or how to use it. Inside the guide, you'll everything you've ever wanted to know, like:

✅ The health benefits of elderberry

✅ The right type of elderberry for you
✅ How to use elderberry effectively
✅ Common elderberry myths
✅ Frequently asked questions
✅…and more!

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