The Cytotoxicity of Elderberry Ribosome-Inactivating Proteins Is Not Solely Determined by Their Protein Translation Inhibition Activity

PLoS One (2015)

  •   Source of S. nigra was not mentioned in the article. 
  •   Observed potential anti-carcinogenic effects due to ribosome inactivating proteins contained in elderberry why do scientists use ‘potential’? [CS1]
  •   S. nigra proteins induced autophagy (removal of unnecessary or dysfunctional parts of cell (autophagy)).  The lectin chain induces these cell death pathways. due to ribosomes? Or something else?
  •   Potential slight toxicity due to elderberry (ribosome-inactivating proteins[CS2] ) cyanogenic glycosides?
  •   Observed inhibition of protein synthesis.  This suggests that elderberry could prevent the virus from making more of itself and thus infecting more human cells.   

 Keywords: immunology, function, cytotoxicity

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