Effects of Sambucus nigra and Aronia melanocarpa extracts on immune system disorders within diabetes mellitus

Pharm Biol (2015)


  •   Created mouse model of diabetes
  •   Collected S. nigra elderberries, dried them, and then gave dried extract to animals
  •   Saw dose-dependent cytokine production in mice with and without diabetes.  (Baseline cytokine production (TNF and interferon-γ) in diabetic mice was lower but increased with elderberry administration.) This is anti-inflammatory in the context of diabetes (the authors also used the term “immunomodulatory”). 
  •   Peripheral blood mononuclear cells from humans were also stimulated with elderberry and resulting cytokine levels showed TNF and interferon-γ.  This means that not only are effects seen in vivo (within the animal), they are also seen in cells in a controlled setting.  These findings validate each other.

Keywords: diabetes, inflammation, cytokine response

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