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when you started your wellness journey, I’m guessing you were like most makers and…

Had a {health issue} & found that elderberry was super effective

Were looking for a remedy that wasn’t full of junk.

Wanted a more affordable, better-tasting product than what you found in the grocery store.

Got curious about helping others who felt the same. 

I’m just curious…

Have you ever thought about how you could keep your friends & family healthy and create a little part-time (or even full-time) income with your handmade elderberry products?

It would allow you to…

  • Have peace of mind paying your bills each month
  • Offset the cost for your children’s extracurricular activities
  • Save for retirement
  • Allow you to eat out every once in a while
  • Indulge in a shopping trip
  • Go on a vacation
  • Donate to your favorite charities more often
  • Invest in self-care
  • Build your dream home

Maybe you have, but the thought of it makes you feel…

...Anxious & Overwhelmed

Knowing the what, who, how and when can be intimidating. Getting started with the right tools at the right time is important.

Worried that no one will buy

Uncertainty can keep us from taking the first step but with the right systems in place, you’ll sell your first bottle (or your first full case) in no time.


...stifled with indecision

There are many different ways you can sell homemade elderberry products. Have clearly defined goals and a roadmap will help you jumpstart and keep you focused.

Nervous because you're not salesy

It’s a common concern. Some people aren’t good with numbers, meeting new people, or even good at the whole sales and marketing thing. But all of those people are selling their homemade products successfully, despite their insecurities.


Hi! I’m trish.

In 2009, I was slaving away in corporate America with a goal of hanging up my. heels. I had a natural wellness hobby that I turned into a side hustle where I learned invaluable lessons along the way.

Over the years, part-time gig grew into full-time income, designing it in a way that the business fit my lifestyle, and not the other way around. 

What helped me along the way was a clear pathway for success and an indestructible abundance-based mindset. You know, a step-by-step guide of how step into a genuine elderberry entrepreneur. Like how to:

*Create and achieve goals
*Design easy-to-use sales and marketing tools
*Leverage systems to ensure that I was always profitable 

I worked my business part time for 7 years, flipped my income and said “buh-bye” to the traditional 9-5. Fast forward, I continue to work part-time, but now with full-time income, truly living my life by design. 

Now, I share my systems with budding elderberry entrepreneurs like you.

A little bit more about me…
Since 2009, I’ve launched and scaled 7 unique recession and pandemic-proof businesses alongside my corporate 9-5 career as a digital marketer – including my elderberry business.

During that journey, I’ve been featured on podcasts, in virtual summits, private speaking engagements and at other public events, coaching hundreds of other entrepreneurs who want to do the same.  

As 20 year wellness coach, educator and practitioner with numerous holistic health certifications, I bring to you a very also have a unique perspective that blends my business savvy with my passion for natural health.

Now, I’m bringing you the best of the best from my experiences and from a slew of other successful makers from all across the country.

You’re in the right place. This is your time.

What if you could…

Elderberry Entrepreneur

✔️Design your small biz so that it fits your busy lifestyle. 
✔️Maintain a healthy work/home life balance
✔️Consistently contribute to your family’s income
✔️Make a positive impact in your community at the same time.


How to Get Started? That’s EASY!   Choose 1 of 2 Paths…

Path #1

F̶I̶G̶U̶R̶E̶ ̶I̶T̶ ̶O̶N̶ ̶Y̶O̶U̶R̶ ̶O̶W̶N̶

  • Google until your fingers bleed
  • Search & sift endlessly through the free Grow Your Elderberry Business Facebook community
  • Spin wheels doing a lot of a little but never make a dent
  • Spend time away from your family researching like crazy
  • Become an insomniac trying to sell your products
  • Agonize over creating everything from scratch
  • Stress over all the legal things and money stuff


  • See quick results by moving the “big rocks” first.
  • Free up more time by leveraging tools, lists & templates.
  • Overcome hurdles fast with a mentor & accountability buddy
  • Feel confident with scripts of what to say to whom and when


I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.


If you chose pathway #2, you’re ready for


The Elderberry Maker Business Academy

The step-by-step blueprint that all successful elderberry makers use to launch, build and scale their elderberry product-based business to any size.

Inside the elderberry makers business academy

you will…


From recipe ideas, to how to find new customers, you’ll have everything you need A to Z to create a business you love with the income your family wants, right at your fingertips.

get legit with all of the right things in place

Learn who exactly you need to talk to and what to say, based on your business goals that I’ll help you create. 

learn how to just Sell to Friends & family or contact businesses - the opportunities are endless!

You’ll have access to templates, worksheets and checklists to help create whatever you want your business to look like.

attract a loyal following who buys time and time again...

You’ll have access to The Elderberry Marketing Collective, chalked full of everything you need to know about the “how to’s” of online marketing. 

Get unstuck & out of your own way.

Life & business coaching wrapped up into one.  Feeling like you’re not moving forward? The Elderberry Makers Business Academy will help you overcome whatever obstacle is in your way. 

Feel a sense of relieve as you start to effectively balanced work life and family

so that you feel fulfilled and productive, all at the same time.

what you get:

30 Lessons +

Hours upon HOURS of instructional videos that walk you through each and every stage of building your business



Done-for-You Flyers & Brochures

Upload your images or edit the information with your own! Access trifold brochures, take-ones, and 8×10 sized flyers.  



Worksheets, Guides & Checklists.

You’ll be able to simplify your business with proven systems. From pricing and profits worksheets to with what to expect during your kitchen inspection, there are checklists, guides, and checklists galore!


The Elderberry Marketing Collective

Monthly content calendars, social captions, online marketing tutorials, email & live stream ideas, custom images, memes, checklists & more!


Scripts, Rolodexes & More

You’ll receive the exact scripts used to get into stores, when talking with practitioners, and with government agencies. You’ll also access our complete list of of state regulators processing authorities and more!


Peer-to-Peer Support

24/7 access to the peer-to-peer community.


Here’s a Sneak Peek:

Elderberry Marketing Business Academy

how it works:

ACCESS Your MEMBERs-only AREA online

You’ll have immediate access to all of the modules in the program. You can choose when to begin your journey and how fast or slow you progress through the course materials.

Get & Stay connected

Community & connection during this workshop are critical components to your success.  You’ll have 24/7 access to our peer to peer network.


Take action

This program only works if you do! The Elderberry Makers Business Academy students are ‘get it done’ kinda person.  This is NOT for you if you’re the kind of person who expects success to happen through osmosis.

What You’ll Learn:

Step 1

Plan Your Business
($497 value)

step 2

Get Legit
($997 value)

Lesson 1: Decide Your Business Structure
Lesson 2: Registering Your Business
Lesson 3: Choose How You’ll Operate
Lesson 4: Get Licensed or Registered
Lesson 5: Protect Your Business
Lesson 6: Manage Your Money

step 3

Make it, Pack it, Ship it.
($297 value)

step 4

Know & Grow Your Numbers.
($297 value)

step 5

Sell & Market Like a Pro

step 6

Scaling Your Business
($297 value)

PLUS, an all-Access pass to the coveted….

What EXACTLY will I be doing during the Elderberry Makers Business Academy?



Taking massive action

 Building a handcrafted business is simple but it takes massive action to get the ball rolling.

*Watch lessons
*Complete homework
*Immediately put the marketing materials into action


Getting Down to Business

Each lesson is chalked full of actionable to-dos that are specifically designed to help you build the business you love.

This is a transformative program, not just a watch-and-learn one that will sit on the shelf to collect dust.


We believe in a “we all go up together” philosophy. The friendships and partnerships between makers who are a part of this community have catapulted their businesses to new levels! They celebrate wins and help you overcome challenges to make forward progress in your business.

Will I Fit In?

YES! All of these people are elderberry entrepreneurs:

Stay at home moms and dads

Yoga instructors
Corporate employees
Serial entrepreneurs

Spiritual practitioners
Restaurant owners

EMBA is Right for You If…

EMBA is not right for you if…

X You expect overnight success
X You see the world with the glass-half-empty and have a scarcity mindset
X Taking action and reaching for goals isn’t appealing to you.
X You’ve already told yourself and hold the belief that your market is too saturated, it’s too hard or you’ll never measure up.

What Clients have said

Anyone who is questioning if they should take this course- DO IT!!

I have learned so much, and the content created is EXACTLY what you need to be a successful elderberry entrepreneur!

It doesn’t matter if you’re working to become legal or in a dozen stores, this course will help take your business to another level!

Kristen Balzer, Little Loves Organics (North Carolina)

The course was awesome! Can’t recommend enough.

Natalie Lopez, Simply Elderberry Co (California)

“…the Academy gave me just what I needed to make forward progress – confidence and accountability.”

Jennifer Haselhoff, Sweet N Simple Elderberry (Kentucky)

YES! The Elderberry makers business academy will work for you even if…

it’s your time, You’re ready to Soar!

choose Your investment Style:


Plus one-time enrollment fee
Makers Academy Course

($1997/yr value)
Marketing Collective
($777 value)
Weekly Q&A
($397 value)
Templates & Tools
($297 value)
Total Value: $3468

Cancel Anytime
$97 enrollment fee, then $47/mo.


Per Year
Makers Academy Course

($1997/yr value)
Marketing Collective
($777 value)
Weekly Q&A
($397 value)
Templates & Tools
($297 value)
Total Value: $3468

2 months free


Biggest Savings
Makers Academy Course
($1997/yr value)
Marketing Collective
($777 value)
Weekly Q&A
($397 value)
Templates & Tools
($297 value)
Total Value: $3468

Never Pay Again
$1997 One-Time Payment

Frequently asked questions

Is this right for me if I have an established business?

Yes! This program will help make sure you’ve filled all of the gaps and give you inspiration for ways to do business that you haven’t thought about before.

Can You Explain the Price in Detail?

The Elderberry Maker Business Academy is financially accessible to all makers and offered in 3 ways that fit the needs of different businesses. Here’s a guide to help you determine what’s right for you. 

New business (<1 year): Monthly
Start-up (1-3 years): Annually
Seasoned (3+ years): Lifetime

Do You Give Me Leads or Do the Work For Me?

No, this program is so much more!

I provide you with the exact framework successful elderberry makers use to build a business they love.

The fact is, no two businesses are alike, and telling you exactly what your business should look and feel like would be a major fail. Everyone has a unique brand, style, and way they show up in the world for their unique customer.

The course provides you with amazing tools and resources that teach you exactly how to identify your ideal clients, find the perfect leads based on your business goals, how to build relationships with decision-makers, and land your next deal.

But what you do with those tools is up to you to fill in the blanks for your unique business!

How is this Different from the Free Group?

The Grow Your Elderberry Business group is a highly engaged community-driven resource on Facebook for incredible connection opportunities. There’s great content but it’s messy and requires you to spend hundreds of hours (time you already don’t have) sifting through comments to find just what you’re looking for – still piecing everything together on your own.

The EMBA offers an organized way to guide you through the various parts of the business, step by step, all in one place.

What if I'm scared that I won't succeed

How will you feel when you do?

It’s normal to feel this way. The system works if you do.


Will This Work for Other Herbal Businesses?

Yes! While the course is specifically designed for elderberry makers, the principles taught can be extended to other herbal businesses as well. There will be some content that applies only to elderberry entrepreneurs; however, like recipes.


How Much Time Will It Take?

Allow for 1-2 weeks per step in your business to learn, take action, and get results.


How Much Trish Will I Get?

A lot!
Makers will see me in countless hours of video.

Additionally, you’ll either see me or hear me in our weekly Q&A touchpoints.

What if my competitor is in the EMBA?

EMBA members are of the mindset that there are enough slices of pie to go around for everyone. Competition = scarcity thinking and we know that big maker within miles of each other can thrive right along side one another.

You know…like all of those different kombucha brands and bread companies sitting on store shelves next to one another…

I am not US-based. Can I participate?

Yes! Business and marketing principles are universal. The regulatory areas will apply only to US-based makers though.

I have a specific question - who do I contact?

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, feel free to email us at support@elderberryentrepreneur.com and we will get back to you.

If I don't join now, when can I join again?

Makers in your area are making massive progress every day. You can join at any time. 

I don't love social media - can I still use the course?

Yes! Of course. Many of us built our businesses before social media even existed. For some of us, email was in its infancy.

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✅ How to use elderberry effectively
✅ Common elderberry myths
✅ Frequently asked questions
✅…and more!

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