Out and About? Look for Elderberry Naturals in Retailers Near You.

Trisha’s Elderberries is a project of the Essential Living Collective private member association. The ELC supports member families who have a strongly held belief that natural wellness should be a central focus of healing at home with complete freedom to talk about and practice holistic health in a way that serves their highest good. 

Elderberry Naturals was formed in 2022 to support retailers who wanted to offer elderberry-based products in a public-facing way, aligned with the rules and regulations they are confined by. When you’re out and about shopping, look for the Elderberry Naturals label. Find Elderberry Naturals retailers here.

A How To Use Elderberry For Optimal Health Guide!

You've heard about elderberry but don't know much about it or how to use it. Inside the guide, you'll everything you've ever wanted to know, like:

✅ The health benefits of elderberry

✅ The right type of elderberry for you
✅ How to use elderberry effectively
✅ Common elderberry myths
✅ Frequently asked questions
✅…and more!

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