September is “stock up” season according to thousands of women across some of the largest natural wellness groups on Facebook.   

As we head into cold and flu season, they’re chatting about all of the things “ick” like all of the respiratory viruses and bacteria that hang out on door handle , staircase railings and on the grocery store credit card pin pads. 

I’ve compiled a quick-hit list of things that are being shared as “must-haves” in a natural wellness arsenal.

Healthy food

Food is fuel.  Health begins with healthy food options and with our busy lives, we need options that pack a punch without complex recipes and time spent slaving in the kitchen. Here’s what you should do:

  • Choose nutrient dense foods: A healthy lean protein, a side of dark leafy green vegetables, and add in a healthy fat (nuts, avocados, oils, salmon, etc)
  • Eat whole foods: If it doesn’t look like a real food, you can’t dig it up from the ground, pick it off a plant or butcher it yourself, it’s not real food.
  • Avoid anything with a label. If you can’t avoid those, refer back to point #2 – look at the ingredient label for whole foods. Don’t see them as the first 5 ingredients, don’t eat it.

Meal planning resources.

Having go-to resources are critical.  You need to spend more time doing the things you love, and delegating those you don’t to others.

Real Plans
 is you #1 meal planning tool. You can pick and choose meals based on your dietary preferences and it creates your meal calendar and shopping list for you to download and print off – VOILA! There is a ton of flexibility and customization if you need it. You can load in all of the recipes from your favorite blogger’s website with a click of a button, too!

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Free Meal planning 101 mini-workshop

Once a Month Meals is you #1 freezer meal planning tool for keeping yourself OUT of the kitchen, saving your massive amount of time & money. Choose from a variety of dietary needs or pick and choose meals from a variety of plans to create your own freezer meal menu. It’s so simple.

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Convenient wellness tools

Bone Broth
Drink 8oz of grass fed broth daily to build up good gut bacterial to promote healthy digestion. Gut health protects us from inflammation and supports our immune system and brain function, too.  There are loads of  studies on the effectiveness of bone broth as a remedy for aches and pains as well.

Get it here.

Elderberry Syrup:
An herbal elixir to take before and during illness to reduce the severity and duration of whatever ails you. Take 1T daily for as a wellness prevention.  It’s an amazing antioxidant tool to support your immune system from viruses and bacteria.

Order it here

Essential oils
Stress is the root cause of all inflammation. Even the cleanest of eaters can have a massive issue with chronic illnesses because their stress levels are out of control. Diffusing aromatherapy and using it topically  supports our physical and emotional health for stress, sleep, energy, mood, immune support, cardiovascular and respiratory support, pain management, skin conditions, etc.

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Colloidal silver:
A liquid remedy that is a broad spectrum antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer, anti <you name it, it goes here> agent.  10ppm is all you need.

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Sodium Ascorbate:
A highly concentrated way to get vitamin C into your diet for a strong immune system.  This version of vitamin C is easy to digest. Add 1/4tsp to a liquid each day and work up to bowel tolerance.

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Manuka Honey
A great antimicrobial honey from New Zealand that promotes cellular health.  Take a spoonful a day or add it to a cooled-down tea or coffee.  Make sure to buy K factor of 24+ or higher for the best therapeutic properties.

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Homeopathic immune support if you’re struck with influenza

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What else would you add? Tell us what your go-to natural wellness tools are over in our Facebook Community!

As always, make sure to talk with your health care provider. These statements are purely educational not evaluated by the FDA, nor are intended to treat, cure, heal or diagnose you.

Best in health,


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