The ElderBrewery Experience

Soak & Simmer

Our complex flavor and favorable health benefits come from the way we brew.

  • The scientific research we follow
  • The herbal principals and extraction techniques we employ
  • The equipment we use
  • Our mindfulness to detail while in the ElderBrewery

In the ElderBrewery, we slowly reconstitute dehydrated elderberry and other synergistic herbs. Fun fact: elderberries are naturally comprised of 85% water. We use a soak & low heat extraction process to bring out the best flavors while simultaneously protecting the nutritional quality of the plants. 


Strain & Juice

Trisha's Elderberries Process - stir

Every batch of elderberry brew, whether in our 17 or 50 gallon kettles, go through a triple filtration process, by hand. The first strain we use  300 & 400 micron mesh hops spiders. After simmering, we use a juice press with a stainless  steel basket catch for the second strain process. Lastly, for the 3rd and final strain, professional grade NSF chinois catch any residual herbs that might have made it through the 1st 2 strains.  Each batch is hand-pressed dry with a 3-ton hydraulic jack, fully extracting all of the nutrient-dense liquid from the elderberries & other ingredients.


Trisha's Elderberries Process: Stabilize

At the very end of our process, we add just enough raw honey sourced directly from our Central Ohio beekeeper to cut down on the bitter bite of elderberry. At this stage, we also add real lemon juice to contribute to the crisp flavors and extend the life of the product in your fridge.

Bottle & Seal

Our bottling process is unique. Approved by a 3rd party testing facility at Cornell University, we execute minimal heat & inversion requirements to retain maximum nutritional value, keep our robust flavors and extend the shelf life for more than a year.  We’ve chosen tamper-resistant heat seals for your confidence.

The ElderFusion Experience

Infuse & Shake

 The magic behind creating a great tincture or oil infusion is in the math and the menstruum used. Our tinctures are created with a simple 1:5 plant to alcohol ratio using an 80% vodka (depending on the plant, could be stronger).  The plant material macerates (a fancy word for “soak”) for 6-8 weeks with daily shaking to ensure an even extraction. We then make a master blend, melding all of the plant extracts together in a large vat and add the master blend to the tincture press to bottle.  Each bottle is carefully weighed and sealed before arriving to your home.

Our oil infusions are 1:10 plant to oil ratios, infused in a warm sunny infusion room for 6-8 weeks as well.

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