Elderberry Fire Cider

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97 bottles left. Our zesty elderberry fire cider is a fermented spicy tonic that combines the best of elderberry syrup, elderberry shrub, and additional functional food nutrients. Organic ingredients: apple cider vinegar, raw honey, elderberries, garlic, onions, horseradish, and cayenne.

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Our elderberry fire cider is a concentrated zesty twist to our elderberry shrub. Fire cider is packed full of anti-inflammatory functional foods. Traditionally used as a spicey vinegar folk remedy, Trisha’s Elderberries Elderberry Fire Cider combines the best of all worlds in this fermented tonic including organic ginger root, garlic, onions, horseradish, cayenne, and elderberries infused in raw apple cider vinegar and sweetened with raw honey. Our elderberry fire cider has a warm start on the palate with a smooth back-end finish of local raw honey.

Modern-day families use fire cider to support optimum respiratory with root vegetables that help thin mucous in congested sinuses and settle the stomach for digestive wellness.

How to use Fire Cider:

  • Healthy wellness shot (add 1T / day to a beverage of choice to promote overall wellness. Enjoy 3-4 times/day for intense use)
  • Add to vegetable juice
  • Spice up a salad dressing
  • Marinade chicken or steak
  • Deglaze pans
  • Add to roasted root vegetables
  • Spicy up your bloody mary

.*Content on this website is for wellness educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as medical advice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Billie Skibiski
LOVE it!!!!

Not only is Trisha's Elderberry Fire Cider great in a cup of tea, but absolutely fantastic when adding a big splash to a bowl of soup. YUMMM!!!

Mark Balzer
Excellent product

The quality of the their products are excellent

Thank you, Mark! Appreciate that we had a chance to meet at the Essential Living Collective!!

Stephanie Wilhelm
Thumbs up

The taste is perfect. I'm not sure about the benefits yet due to having just started taking it. I'm excited to see how it will help me.

Monica Hite
Cold Slayer

I have used elderberry for years (different brand), however I had been without for a few months. I found you at a local bazaar and purchased Fire Cidar because I also take apple cidar vinegar daily. The mixture was intriguing, killing 2 birds. The flavor was great, like a tasty dressing minus the oil. It was serendipitous I found you as I felt a cold coming on soon after. I started taking this 3 times a day and my symptoms never got any worse than my mild allergy symptoms. I was slightly fatigued one day but the rest of the week I felt pretty good I would say this definitely helped stop my cold from hitting me full force. I will be sure to have on hand all the time.

Sheila Carter
Best Shrub in town!

I was introduced to Shrub while in Florida last winter. When I learned that Trisha’s had Elderberry Shrub, I was thrilled. It did not disappoint. My husband and I are huge fans! We have our Shrub mocktail everyday. Occasionally we do make it a cocktail. We are fans of the Elderberry Syrup but we are even bigger fans of the Shrub!

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