Elderberry Syrup

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  • 1 Adult or 1 Child : 1 single sized bottle (~32 servings)
  • 2 Adults or 1  Adult + 1 Child: 1 family-sized bottle (~64 servings)
  • 2 Adults + 1 Child: 1 family and 1 single-sized bottles (~96 servings)
  • 2 Adults + 2 Children – 2 family sized bottles (~128 servings)

Ingredients: filtered water, raw honey, elderberries, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, echinacea, ginger, star anise, and rose hips.


Ingredients: filtered water, raw honey, elderberries, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, astragalus, nettles, rose hips, and ginger.

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Family – 32oz, Single – 16oz, Sample – 8oz


Signature, Seasonal

Customer Reviews

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Krista Kiss Call
Love it love it love it

My 3 year old doesn't miss a morning of his Elderberries! I really feel this enhanced our immunity this winter. Though we had many hours in the hospital this winter visiting my dad, runny nose story book hours at the library, farm show conventions with thousands of people and around sick cousins - we got through it all without getting sick! How crazy is that. I really attribute it to our consistent Elderberry syrup (for my son and husband) and drops (me) daily habit. Love that it's local! Excited to have it as part of our health regimen!

Kathi P
Love, love, love the syrup!

Love the taste of the syrup! And love the health values it gives me!

C Stein
It works! And its high quality!

We used Trisha's Elderberry syrup through the entire winter. Now that its almost April, I'm proud to say we barely got sick. Maybe some sniffles here and there, but nothing severe or even uncomfortable. We love that it is made of high quality ingredients.

Christina Sykes
The Best!

I trust her expertise in making the syrup and it tastes amazing! I've stayed healthy this winter taking it!

Thanks so much, Christina! I'm glad. you're loving the elderberry syrup.

Carla Wilkinson
Love Trisha's Elderberries Products!!

Any time I've gotten particularly ill...caught Covid or whatever is going around...It always seems that I was out of my syrup. I get my next shipment and it helps me battle whatever I have and rid myself of it in a day or two. I swear by all the elderberry products. My kids come to me to put elderease on their muscle aches and headaches. The tea is phenomenal. I use these products at least daily. I combine them and just try to work them into all of my routines. Elderberry makes life more doable!

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