Wellness Weekly

$27.00 / month

Have you ever wanted to “pick my brain” on a natural wellness topic or get more insight into a natural remedy you’ve heard about? The Wellness Weekly is an intimate opportunity for you to reach your wellness goals by learning new tips, tools, or other educational resources. Get more details in the description below.



Every Monday, Trish will answer your top burning question or provide direction on 1 wellness topic you are most curious about that week to help you move faster, and closer, toward your health goals.

As a part of the community, you’ll benefit not just from YOUR question, but from the questions of all other community members, too, for less than a fancy coffee shop drink/week.

Must be able to download and use the app called “Volley” ( from your phone or desktop to participate.

Please note, our weekly time together is an educational resource and not to be substituted for medical advice. Please consult your licensed health care professional for specific and unique individual needs.


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