About Trisha’s Elderberries

Our Vision.

The natural wellness community is better, together leveraging each others’ unique gifts to stay healthy in ways we could have never imagined without one another.

God has blessed me with the uncanny ability to be a connector of people & resources and turn information into useable, results-oriented products and services. The power of our community elevates everyone.


Trisha Jackson Holistic Health Coach in Columbus Ohio
Trisha Jackson, Trisha's Elderberries

Our Mission.

We are normalizing natural wellness for the everyday mom through education & creating the most versatile, clean-ingredient products.  Our families are on a journey to step away from toxic ingredients that are included in mainstream processed foods and body care products. 

Since 2009, we have been teaching families about clean, whole food ingredients and non-toxic living. From in-home easy-clean cooking gatherings to freezer workshops to online holistic wellness workshops, we now make the most innovative elder-inspired wellness products your so your family can thrive. 


The Trisha’s Elderberries Difference

We Go Beyond the Berry.

We’re not just interested in your one body system or function. We care about your entire whole-body connection and how we optimize health from your head down to your toes, from the inside out. 

What you put in, on and around your body, whether is keeping a low-toxic home, clear & calm mind or properly nourished & moving body are all related. 

As a part of our community, you’ll have access to our extensive network of traditional and functional wellness practitioners, 

Our ‘team’ extends beyond our kitchen and we are always excited to share them with our elderberry family when they need them most.

Knowledge is Power.

We are science-forward and believe that continuously learning means knowing better and doing better.

We value both evidence and clinical-based research. Our expertise is at the intersection of elder and health sciences that inform everything we do.

We don’t invest in local for local sake. We choose the very best ingredients based on science where the altitude and climate is perfect, soil is superb and the growers have significant experience in their trade. We believe our products have the best blend of European and American based elders.

When most people are sleeping, we are studying, learning and teaching so that our entire community gets healthier, together.


Community Matters.

Everything we do is community-driven. The relationships and experiences we create with our members is top-notch and our top-priority.

Our products and services are developed based on what our Elderberry Insiders community quite literally tells us online and at our events. We listen, research, test, get feedback & formulate.  

If you don’t want it, we don’t produce it.

We see consider our community as an extension of our family. 

We Think Differently.

We are intimately in-tune with  what’s happening in the world around us and how that will impact our customers’ lives.

We’re dot connectors. We anticipate what you’ll need from us, before you even know you need it.

We are trendsetters, not trend followers. We set the bar high on creating unique  products and services at just the right times so that you can feel better, faster. 


Why Trisha’s Elderberries Products?

Smooth & Well Balanced.

 Customers choose our elderberry syrup because it’s a cut above the rest. We take pride in expertly balancing an effective remedy with a memorable spoonful experience. 

Unlike other products that are either lip puckering tart or sickening sweet and thick like cough syrup, our elderberry syrup has a juice and tea-like consistency, lightly kissed with honey. 

So much so that customers want to  sip it, drink it and add it to their smoothies, adult beverages and other creative dishes.


Never ground.

We choose whole European Sambucus nigra and American Sambucus canadensis berries, flowers and leaves, blending the best of both worlds. 

We carefully source cut and sifted herbs where they grow natively (when possible) and sustainably farmed (when necessary), to maximize their phytonutrients. 

To preserve the structure & texture of our elder products, we will never use ground ingredients in our infusions, decoctions or blends, no matter the cost savings to our business, or our customers.


Gut-Health Matters.

Gut health is the key to healthy hormones, your emotional well-being and the immune system.

In other words, healthy gut, healthy life. 

As such, our products will always be free of gluten, fillers, additives, and other junk that clocks your system compromises your microbiome.

Our topical products are all natural and will never include artificial colors or fragrances.


Expertly Niched.

We are leaders expertly focused on the phytonutrients of one plant – the elderberry shrub. 

We find unique ways to maximize everything the elder has to offer – from the fruit to the leaves and flowers. 

That’s why you’ll see us go beyond just elderberry syrup for your health needs. 

We see ourselves as whole food, clean ingredient, elder(berry) apothecary.


Our Ingredients

Our elderberry, elderflower and elder leaf infusions are made with 100% organic ingredients. No fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

We support a ‘quality over locality’ philosophy. We look local-first but select our partners based on the longevity in the industry, their farming practices (soil health, harvesting methodology per plant part), expertise and overall business operational practices.  

Black European Sambucus nigra nigra (berries, flowers)
Our farm partners hail from Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria and Poland. They grow naturally in the wild and are harvested with regenerative and fair trade practices providing their teams with agricultural education, fair wages, and flexible work hours, treating their teams like family. 

European harvesting is mutli-generational. Our partners have mastered their craft and as a result, their operational efficiences bring us an affordable wellness tool to our community.

The current scientific data supporting ©ElderHealth is based on the Black European elder.

Black American Sambucus nigra canadensis (berries, flowers, leaves)
Our farm partners are small, family-based farms that grow elder throughout Ohio, Iowa, and Missouri.

In 2025, we’ll see what I’m coining as the ©ElderBoom. The American elder farming industry is still in its infancy in comparison to the well-oiled European farming practices. Post *that illness timeframe we cannot name*, American farmers recognized an opportunity to capitalize on a once common, versatile plant.

They are working hard to increase operational efficiencies and lower costs to bring a more affordable elder-based product to the US consumer. To date, ‘buying local’ costs 7X American vs European elder.

To date, there is one unpublished study on American canadensis. We’re hopeful for more to come by 2025.

We love the flavor combination of both the European and American based elderberry.

Raw Honey
Our apiary partner is a small family business practicing sustainable bee keeping in the Southwest Central Ohio area.

Other herbs
We grow what we can here in Ohio (lemon balm, comfrey, yarrow and calendula) and source 100% organic ingredients from local farmers first, then US-based farmers and beyond when ingredients, like clove and cinnamon, cannot grow in our climate.



Trisha’s Story

Trisha Jackson, Trisha's Elderberries

I’ve always had a passion for empowering women. In 2009 when my daughter was first born, I went back to work as Director of E-Comm while moonlighting as a wellness coach. At night, I taught busy working moms how to  simplify their wellness routines in all natural ways, from batch freezer cooking workshops to ditch and switch classes.

For the next 8 years, I developed pathway for what is now known as Trisha’s Elderberries. In 2017, I hung up the corporate heels to focus on making elder infused products, full-time. 

When I’m not crafting with elder berries, elder flowers and elder leaves, you can find me listening to a podcast while gardening or reading a book to binaural beats.  With a background in psychology and marketing, it’s no surprise that I love non-fiction. I study all things psychology, the brain, persuasion and influence, and how they impact human behavior. 

Featured On…


Our families are everything and protecting their health is our #1 job as parents. That’s why Trisha’s Elderberries is passionate about supporting medical-freedom aligned organizations that protect kids throughout Ohio and on a global scale.

Children’s Health Defense – Ohio
Its mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and to establish safeguards so this never happens again.




Health Freedom Ohio
A non-profit dedicated to preserving the fundamental human right to health freedom, raising awareness about holistic health choices.




Operation Underground Railroad
A non-profit dedicated to eradicating child sex trafficking worldwide.

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