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Elderberry Fire Cider
Billie Skibiski
LOVE it!!!!

Not only is Trisha's Elderberry Fire Cider great in a cup of tea, but absolutely fantastic when adding a big splash to a bowl of soup. YUMMM!!!


I have struggled with regulating body temperature and hot flashes due to fibromyalgia. RadiantRush is a game changer! I apply first thing in the morning, before bed in addition to any other time I needed it throughout the day. The only product that has ever helped!

Beth Bahe
Can’t live without it

I had to put some in a small container so I’d have it with me. Whatever aches or hurts… ElderEase makes it better. I have constant shoulder pain and within 30 seconds of putting ElderEase on it, it feels better. I’ve gotten my whole family hooked on it. First they laughed at how enthusiastic I was about. Now they know why!

Julie Souders

Haven’t rec’d it yet

Elderberry Syrup
Sarah Engstrom
Great product, even better service

I learned of Trisha's Elderberries from two friends and when Trisha found out I was sick, she insisted on getting my syrup to me pronto! She refunded my shipping and had it ready for me the same day. That's how you earn customers for life!

Julie Souders
Top Notch

Easy peasy

Tricia Koehler
The Good Stuff

Trisha’s is the best elderberry out there! Keeps us healthy!!!

Linda Apsega
Love tranquility

Use it everyday either during day or before bed.

Elderberry Syrup
Gordon Debra

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup
Karla Fosnaugh
Elderberry Syrup

I am so glad I purchased the Elderberry Syrup. Myrtle daughter got sick and I started taking it just after I started feeling sick. It lessened my symptoms dramatically and tastes great too! I have added it to my morning routine.

Elderberry Syrup
Debbie Tompkins

Love your product but I do love the Holiday blend flavor best. I wish you had more of it in stock. I wanted to get a jar for my grands and I know they would prefer it to Signature.

Holiday Blend
Cindy Barela
Great product

Love this product! Great taste, easy to use and supports my health. I am a preschool teacher and I am the one person who never gets sick. I am exposed to many germs on a daily basis.

Connie Koenig
Love my Elderberry!

I’m on my second bottle of elderberry and look forward to drinking it every morning! So thankful my daughter, granddaughter and I visited Trish’s booth at the vintage market in October. I bought a bottle for a friend as a Christmas present and she is now ordering every month.

Holiday Blend
Vickie Blackwell
Love Holiday Blend

I enjoyed the Holiday Blend. I wish it was available all year. The taste is a bit sweeter and seems to be smoother. I enjoyed the Holiday Blend. On a side note.....a few family members got sick during the break that I was exposed to and did not get sick!! Must have been the Holiday Blend!!

Holiday Blend
Mandii Cramer
Holiday Blend

The Holiday Blend has a wonderful flavor plus still has all of the health benefits that I have come to expect from products at Trisha's Elderberries. I would definitely purchase it again!

Signature Elderberry Syrup
Vickie Blackwell
local pick up

easy to pick up. location is good.

Holiday Blend
Wendy Malone
Good for you

I love the flavor. I started out with a cough one night and the next morning I took my Holiday Blend and no more cough or headache. I take it everyday and feel great.

Elderberry Shrub
Barbara Slater

I am used to making my own syrup for shrubs and thought yours was a bit vinegary. Granted, I have never made elderberry, and I put sugar in mine, which cut the vinegar. Yours is more healthy.

Yes, using sugar would be counterproductive for a natural health brand, spiking and dropping blood sugar levels, impairing the immune system and leading to a myriad of major metabolic health issues that most struggle with today.

Using local honey is health-smart, low glycemic option that adds antimicrobial and antihistamine benefits. . Additionally, we use a cold infusion process for our shrubs preserving 100% of the antioxidants of the fruit, ACV and honey; otherwise lost in the traditional heat process of shrubs. While heating it.

If you’ve never had elderberry before, they are bitter, astringent, and extremely low-sugar unlike the more common peach, strawberry or other higher fructose fruit shrubs. A traditional heat process brings out even more sugar (in addition to the simple syrup) of those fruits to overpower the acidity of the vinegar.

Elderberry shrub is perfect for those already using elderberry, taking a daily shot of straight apple cider vinegar and prefer the benefits of raw honey.

Thanks for trying it! Pair with olive oil for a delicious vinaigrette like many of us do!

Holiday Blend
Barbara Somogy


Excellent product

The quality of the their products are excellent

Thank you, Mark! Appreciate that we had a chance to meet at the Essential Living Collective!!

Elderberry Fire Cider
Stephanie Wilhelm
Thumbs up

The taste is perfect. I'm not sure about the benefits yet due to having just started taking it. I'm excited to see how it will help me.

Benefical Syrup

I've been taking this for awhile now and it has boosted my immune system nicely. It's also a nice sweet taste when using local honey and helps with allergies! I love making because if I want to add anything in my instantpot to it I can.

Wonderful product

Our family loves this product. It helps reduce downtime if we get a touch of anything. But more so it seems to keep illnesses at bay from us. Very good taste my son even enjoys the flavor. We dont run out during the winter months that is for sure!


This stuff has worked wonders for my husband's knee pain. We have found it also helps greatly with sinus congestion. A little goes a long way and we find ourselves going to this first to try and see if it would help before trying other options. Such a great product!

Holiday Blend
Mark Balzer
I love it

The service Is excellent and the product even better

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