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It’s not about us. It’s ALL about you, a VIP in our elderberry community. Sharing your story with others is important as there are many of your friends and family who are still skeptical about using natural remedies as the first line of defense.  Getting back to nature is a process of untangling the decades of misinformation that promoted a medical dis-ease mindset. Using elderberry is a simple first step in their proactive wellness and healing journey – a whole food addition to their diet that can be enjoyed by all.   You’re part of something BIG here as you share your experiences with others. 

Daily dose of Elder Drops keeps the allergies at bay … vital weapon this allergy season! Plus – makes my morning vitamin shake taste good 🙂

Alice K (Dayton, OH)

Love the taste of the syrup. Take one tablespoon every day. Delicious in my overnight oats or straight. Also put dropper full of the ElderDrops in my coffee every morning. Love this delicious way to enhance my immune system!! The ElderBalm is also great for my psoriasis and elbows. The Elderflower Herbal Tea is also wonderful. I truly believe these products help my asthma and allergies as I take them every single day. So glad that I found you!!!

Billie S (Newton Falls, Ohio)

I’ve never used your elderberry syrup for illness, only as a daily wellness protocol.  I had a respiratory thing going on on Wednesday. By Friday, it was completely gone. I couldn’t believe it.

Karen J (Warren, Ohio)

I can fully attest to elder ease. Serious tight hip muscles the last couple weeks (stress from all things graduation 😉) Elder Ease is no joke!!! Thanks Trîshä!!!

Gretchen L (Perrysburg, Ohio)

This stuff is AMAZING! It was the one thing that finally knocked the nasty cold I’d had for several weeks! We use it as a preventative measure too.

Amber H (Columbus, Ohio)

Just started using the ElderBalm, it has already healed my dry cracked lips and the split sore spot by my thumb nail.

Carole K (Montana)

My whole family has benefited greatly from Trisha’s product! I originally was searching for an alternative to the flu shot for my daughter who is allergic to the vaccine, but ended up gaining a lot of knowledge and a product for much more than I was looking for. We have had far fewer instances of illness and when we have been ill, the duration has been drastically reduced. Not to mention, Trisha’s personalized services add significant value. Happy, loyal customers!
Emily L (Columbus, Ohio)

..(My son) has battled seasonal allergies most of his life…he has been running 5-6 days a week during those seasons…Claritin every day but that would only stop the sneezing & then it would stop working. He was ready to quit Cross Country and Track so he wouldn’t have to deal with the outside elements.

…not only has her elderberry syrup replaced his unhealthy Claritin but it has allowed him to improve his run times. We are believers and customers for good!

Michelle (Worthington, Ohio)

I ordered the allergy kit to use with my local honey and I have noticed that the elderberry syrup has really helped with both my outdoor and indoor allergies. My nose is less drippy and eyes not nearly as itchy! Highly recommend using the kit and honey local to you! It’s a piece of cake to make with Trisha’s instant pot recipe!

Susan S (Columbus, OH)

I’ve had chronic hives and have been to numerous specialists – tested negative for all. The Cleveland allergist removed prednisone to trigger hives. In the past, I would erupt, landing in the ER. Last prednisone I took was on Nov 21 – no hives yet . I’ve been on the elderberry syrup for several weeks…I believe it’s making a difference. 

Diane (Cleveland, Ohio)

When my 4 month old caught bronchiolitis I started searching for an alternative to OTC junk. A friend recommended elderberries and Trisha. These have been an awesome addition to our winters! Trisha is so great and her products are quality and WORK! Definitely helpful to boosting immunity for my family. Thank you!!!

Rachel P (Columbus, Ohio)

My syrup arrived just in time when my immune system was at an all time low. Exhausted, stress and every emotion you can imagine…the syrup kept the kids and I healthy. My skin has improved from the meds not drying me out anymore. It’s eased a lot of inflammation from my neck pain and sciatic nerve issues. 

Erin (Columbus, Ohio)

When my 4 month old caught bronchiolitis I started searching for an alternative to OTC junk. A friend recommended elderberries and Trisha. These have been an awesome addition to our winters! Trisha is so great and her products are quality and WORK! Definitely helpful to boosting immunity for my family. Thank you!!!

Alison F (Worthington, OH)

Love ElderEase for my back pain!

Joy C. (Grand Island, NY)

My whole family got Covid-19 10 days ago. It has been awful. Thanks to many sinus infections as a youngster, antibiotics Seldomly work on me. Trish caught word that we were super sick and although my husband was getting better I wasn’t. 24 hrs from taking her elderberry syrup and drinking the tea she gave us and I can breath and smell again. I’m not 100% healed but this is the best I felt in over a week. Thank you so much!

Michelle M (Worthington, OH)

…it’s delicious – does it say terrible things about me that immediately started wondering if it could be made into a cocktail? 😂

Nicki (Boston, Massachusetts)

I love her elderberry syrup!! I order the DIY kit and it’s so easy to make at home! I take it daily but then when I feel like I’m getting sick, I take it a few times a day and within a couple days, it is totally gone.

Melissa C (Columbus, OH)

One client said she hasn’t had anything to help her in 12 years and now she can even mow the lawn! Hats off to you and your miracle blends! Thank you for what you do!

Dr. Lori Severson (Wisconsin)

The purchase was simple and easy. Delivered to me in Pa. and it was wrapped for safe keeping.❤ I drink a shot everyday! Yes a shot and it has helped me clear away the nasty bug with a cough that has wreaked havoc all over the place. 💯💥💯💥💯 I look forward to my seasonal elderberry shot every morning.❤❤❤

Nicole B (Philadelphia, PA)

My three year old asks for “syrup” daily with her vitamins. Even she knows that it helps her stay healthy through the awful flu season. Recommend it to all to help your family make it through the best they are able!

Jenna P (Columbus, Ohio)

The ElderDrops lasted longer than Sambucol ever did. And I got back to normal much faster it’s usual when I get to the state I was in (constant draining/choking, tickle/cough). I went downhill as I was starting to travel so it was a double whammy for my immune system. I mean, they must have worked longer as I wasn’t taking them throughout the day, and I would normally with other homeopathic stuff….when heightened I usually need something every 3-4 hours. I was going 12-15 hours. And I only took one extra dose at night on my recent 4 night trip. Usually just morning.

Kim Z (Worthington, Ohio)

I hit the crud and feel a million times better (12hrs later). It’s like a freaking miracle. I feel so amazing. So much that my husband is creeping on my syrup. Says that is the fastest he’s ever seen me bounce back.

Kelli (Dublin, Ohio)

I feel like since using it, I have not gotten as many colds or sniffles as I usually do.

Tammy (Columbus, Ohio)

My son was diagnosed with the flu. He couldn’t even walk, sit up, or do anything all day, The doc warned that this will take 5-6 days. I picked up our premade syrup yesterday @ 1 pm By 6 pm, he was sitting up, eating, and talking normally….how he feels is drastic. I can’t believe it.

Krista (Columbus, Ohio)

Got me over pneumonia in 3 days. Got my boss over the flu in 2 days last year, and I’ve taken it 3,times per week ever since and been healthy for 2 years now!! Builds the immune system fast!! I’ve had NOTHING, not a cold, nothing!

Vicki (Columbus, Ohio)

I had the beginning of symptoms of the virus. I took it several times a day for the last 3 days. Not only were our symptoms not as severe but the duration has also been shortened by at least a week. No fever, head congestion so severe we couldn’t sleep or cough uncontrollably for weeks. 

Gina (Worthington, Ohio)

My daughter woke up with a fever…by the afternoon she was feeling much better! She still has a low-grade fever but is acting like her normal, crazy four-year-old self without any medicine! Is it even possible for this stuff to work so fast?! Anyway, thank you for the great stuff! 

Amanda (Columbus, Ohio)

Woke up with a runny nose & sneezed all day. DIY mix delivered & made that evening. Two doses before bed & one in the middle of the night. Next morning ZERO symptoms! I am a believer! This convinced 3 others to try. I will continue the preventive dose.

Julie (Columbus, Ohio)

My daughter-in-law had been buying elderberry syrup from somewhere, don’t know what store, but they were out so I gave here half of mine. She said she could tell it was higher quality than what she had been using and it helped get rid of her lingering cold.

I had been around her, Isaiah’s cold, coworkers with junk, and I’m doing great! We both like the taste as well. 

Mary W (Columbus, Ohio)

I’ve honestly taken 4 doses of the seasonal mix and I’ve gone from 99% congested to about 20% congested in 3 days. I’m not taking any other meds or using nasal spray or anything. It’s the best I’ve breathed since probably November???

Katie N (Columbus, Ohio)

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