What are elderberries?

Elderberries can be found all over the world and are easily identified by their upside-down umbrella shape plume of berries. I share a few ways to identify them in this quick video.

We source the very best of Sambucus nigra berries, the black elderberry, from Europe.  Why?

  • Expertise. European farmers have been cultivating, growing, and harvesting elder for hundreds of years.
  • Quality. The soil, air, and climate growing conditions are far superior to the US.
  • Science. Peer-to-peer evidence-based scientific research has been done on the Sambucus nigra elderberry grown in this region of the world.
  • It’s affordable. Because the Europeans have been experts in their trade for so long, they’ve optimized every step of the process from seed to sale, making elder much more affordable to all.

A note on the American Elder, Sambucus Canadensis.
There is some evidence suggesting that Sambucus canadensis (the American Elder) has promised to be just as delicious and efficacious as the European black elder; however, the science and farm operations are in their infancy.

We’re excited by the recent American Elder farming boom and are eagerly anticipating their streamlined operations to make Sambucus Canadensis affordable for all.  Currently, growing & harvesting elder is labor-intense here in the US. Protecting the shrubs from predators, picking, and destemming is quite the labor of love. Not to mention the cost of labor in American.

For example, purchasing fresh or frozen Canadensis berries is nearly 4x that of dried Nigra berries, alone!

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