Want to up-level what you already know to be true about elderberry? Let’s take it one step further and talk about how we access plant nutrients – the reason why we have so many different products.

Many people ask: “what’s the best?” And it’s really a loaded question.  Instead, think about of herbal preparations in a way that asks: “how nutrient dense is it?”

This chart tells us a bit of a story about how each extraction methodology for our herbal formulations. Each level represents how the menstruum (the liquid used to extract the nutrients) accesses the phytonutrients of the plants.

Teas and syrups access water soluble nutrients. The are prepared in shorter timeframes and generally require heat to extract the antioxidants and polyphenols. They generally have great flavor but no access to fat soluble nutrients and are only an “ok” extraction tool for antioxidants and polyphenols. Teas are on level 1 since we generally let the herbs simmer for just a few minutes. Teas are complementary tools comparison to all other herbal preparations, it would take many cups of tea to have a similar health benefit. While syrups get all the press and great for every day wellness, they’re not “the best” (air quotes) when your body requires something a bit more intense on a regular basis.

Vinegars can extract even more of each plant in our formulas, beyond what water can do – fat & water soluble, both. They have a longer infusion time at room, temperature so that the acetic acid can get to work. They are tasty and can be used as a functional food, too. Tinctures are alcohol-based extracts and reach a broad spectrum of phytonutrients, beyond water and vinegars. They take 2-3 months to extract nutrients. Their drawback is that they are not as tasty as a syrup or a vinegar but deliver to the bloodstream, faster, bypassing digestive enzymes. Tinctures are on level 4 since we only use a small amount for a big impact.

Fun fact: tinctures are made in a similar way that you would make the pure vanilla extract sitting in your pantry.

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