Trisha’s Elderberries is a project of the Essential Living Collective ministry, an unincorporated private ministerial association. The Essential Living Collective is comprised of a variety of projects that provide leadership, guidance & community resources to members who are looking to restore their faith in nature, exploring healthier ways to support their physical, emotional and spiritual goals. 


An Unincorporated Faith Based Private Membership Association (508c1a).


The name of this Faith Based Private Membership Association shall be Essential Living Collective, and the aforesaid Private Association shall conduct business in the private domain, with all protections afforded by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the U.S. Constitution, The Constitutions of the United States, the Canadian Charter of Rights, and by law, under the name of Essential Living Collective. The image used within the header of these articles is to be the logo adopted and used by the Association.

Object. Purpose, and Mission Statement

Essential Living Collective shall operate as a Faith Based Private Membership Association with the primary purpose of providing services to members of the Association, based upon a faith in Nature and Natures God with all protections afforded by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the U.S. Constitution, The Constitutions of the several States, the Canadian Charter of Rights, and by law.


To maintain an environment for the Association to provide all manner of information, goods, services and activities, consistent with the beliefs and philosophies of the Association, which may be deemed beneficial to the Association and its members by the Association, as a private contractual matter and to conduct any manner of private contractual business within the private domain as seen fit by the Association.


To allow the Private Association and all Private Association members a platform in which to conduct all manner of private contractual business with the Association and with other Associations and Association members, keeping all business in the private domain and utilizing the protections guaranteed by the Constitution to conduct business in private.


The activities of the Association are reliant upon a faith in Nature and Natures God and shall be consist with that faith, as interpreted by the Association Trustees.

This Association is founded to provide members with the highest level of health and wellness related services, products, and information providing the most effective, efficient, and safest methods of treatment and recovery advice as determined by the Association and the member. The Association may offer: all relevant and necessary health related care, products, and services, advisement on plant-based remedies, naturopathy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, homeoprophylaxis and associated modalities, and other such courses of care and treatment including but not limited to hyperbaric chamber; Deep Tissue Laser Therapies; X-Rays; Diet and Nutritional Counseling; Exercise & other Physiotherapies; MyoVision sEMGs & Dynamic ROM Exams; Manufacturing of Herb Therapy

Products (capsules, syrups, oxymels, elixirs, tinctures, teas, bulk powders, etc.); Encapsulation of various Herbal and Nutritional Supplements; tincturing of various herbs and herbal formulations; Electro Dermal Screening; Bio-Feedback Screening-LSA; Acupuncture; Chinese Herbal Medicine Consults; Reflexology; Iridology; Ionic Foot Baths; Cold Laser Therapies and Massage Therapies; All manner of electrotherapy and biometric medicine; any manner of proprietary or alternative treatment as deemed appropriate by the Association. In addition, the Association may provide an online forum for members to make comments, provide feedback and share information, results, opinions, and outcomes on and about health care practices and/or specific practitioners concerning the optimization of human health and well-being;

Provide and share products, information and services including, but not limited to, naturally grown whole foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, phytonutrients etc.; devices including, but not limited to, low power lasers, electricity, light, magnetism, sound, radiation, vibrational energy resonance; oils, extracts, creams, gels, lotions, and salves containing any of the above and any and all other kinds of natural food, devices, substances, educational, informative, or entertaining material which can be used for healthcare purposes (stored on any type of media) but which have been neither submitted to the FDA for approval nor approved (or denied approval) by the FDA, and freely discuss and talked about, obtained, exchanged, viewed and used on and by members of the Association.

Provide and share, legal and lawful services, procedures, advice, counsel, and tips and any other information or services which may be deemed beneficial to Association members by the Association founders and freely share, discuss, and talk about, obtain, exchange, view and/or use information and services by members of the Association while keeping all business within the private domain.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of professional and natural healthcare related services and products and to concentrate on providing products, services, processes, procedures, tips, and treatment advice that help people heal naturally and in conjunction with the use of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and all manner of suggestions, advice, and education on natural health matters which may be deemed beneficial to Association Members by the Association.


  1. Section 1. Members.
    Primary. Primary members are members in good standing who are counted in the membership roles of the association.


  1. Business Members are legal fictions and other business entities and DBA’s who are structured as a legal fiction for the purposes of business, exempting government entities or agencies, and whose primary membership intention is to do business with other members of this Association in the private domain.

Section 2. Eligibility.

  1. Any adult, being of sound mind and not previously banned from membership or sanctioned by the Association is eligible for membership in this Association and shall become a member upon approval of membership application.


  1. Children of members, not yet reaching the age of reason, shall be deemed as beneficial members of this Association with the consent of their member parent or guardian and the Association.

ARTICLE IV Dues and Finances

All financial transactions for the Private Membership Association shall be conducted in accordance with the Essential Living Collective Bylaws.



ARTICLE V Trustees

Section 1. Trustees
The initial founding Trustees of this Association shall be a Chairperson, being Trisha Jackson, and Craig Jackson. The Trustees shall serve pursuant to the Essential Collective Bylaws.

The aforesaid Trustees of this Private Membership Association shall assume their duties immediately upon establishment of this Private Membership Association and shall serve indefinitely.

Upon the vacancy of a Trustee position, new Trustees shall be elected by the remaining Trustees or the Association Advisory Board and shall be chosen from within the Association members, unless these Articles are amended to allow otherwise, and shall serve a three (3) year term or until their successors are appointed.

Section 2. Vacancy in Office.

A vacancy in any office shall be filled by the remaining Trustees of the Association in accordance with Article V Section 1 of these Articles.

Section 4. Duties.

Section 1.

The Founding Trustees of this Association shall be a Senior Trustee (hereinafter referred to as Senior Trustee or Chairperson), and additional Trustees shall be designated to serve in the capacity of Treasurer and Secretary.

Section 2.

The Senior Trustee (Chairperson) shall:

(A) Preside at all meetings of the Association and the Advisory Board;

(B) Shall serve in the same capacity as expected of any public entity Chairman having full authority to conduct daily operations of the Association.

(C) Serve as official spokesperson for the Association.

(D) Appoint the Chairpersons of all Standing Committees.

(E) Exercise all powers and perform all duties normally incident to such offices; and

(F) Sign or countersign the withdrawal of the funds of the Association.

(G) Assign duties to Trustees in accordance with the Articles of Association and Bylaws of this Association.

Section 3.
The Administrative Trustee shall record and maintain all records of the Association and:
(A) Perform all duties and responsibilities of the Senior Trustee in the absence of the latter; and (B) Serve as Chairperson of the Membership Committee; and
(C) Record the minutes of each meeting of the Trustees and the Board; and
(D) Keep the records of the Association.
(E) Handle correspondence of the Association as directed by the Senior Trustee
(F) Perform such other duties as the Senior Trustee may authorize.

Section 4.
The Financial Trustee shall:
(A) Collect all monies due the Association.
(B) Deposit Association funds in the bank approved by the Senior Trustee.
(C) Keep the books of accounts of the Association.

(D) Make a Treasury report at all meetings of the Association, with a copy for the Chairman and each Trustee at large.

(E) Sign or countersign withdrawal of the funds of the Association.
(F) Arrange for payment of accounts owed by the Association.
(G) Prepare the books for an auditing committee if appointed by the Senior Trustee.


Section 1.
A.  In the event that the Chairman of the Private Membership Association should decide to establish an Advisory Board, this board will serve only in the capacity of an advisory board and meetings of this advisory board may be held at the discretion of the Chairman, a time and place determined by the Chairman and if deemed by the Chairman to be feasible may be held via telephone or internet conference.

ARTICLE VII Advisory Board

Section 1. Composition.

The Advisory Board shall be composed of the Association founding Trustees and of members as identified within the minutes of the Advisory Board meeting.

  1. All founding members of this Association identified within the minutes of the first meeting of the Advisory Board shall serve as members of the Advisory Board of indefinitely or until the member voluntarily resigns.
  2. All successor members of the Association Board of Directors shall serve a term of five (5) years.

Section 2. Duties.
The Advisory Board shall serve in an advisory capacity and shall not hold the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Association.


ARTICLE VIII Committees and Tribunals

Section 1. Committees may be created and/or appointed at the discretion of the Association Chairperson.

Section 2. Ex-officio Membership. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall be ex-officio members of all committees.

Section 3. A Tribunal may be created by the Association and granted the authority to settle all dispute resolution within the Association. The Association Chairperson shall retain all authority for member dispute resolution until a Tribunal has been established.


By-laws shall be adopted by the Association for the purpose of carrying out the Association’s Declaration of Purpose. The Association Trustees collectively may promulgate and adopt bylaws which will have the same force and effect as the Articles of the Association provided that said by-laws are not contrary to the Articles of Association, without amendment to the said Articles of Association. By-laws may be repealed or amended by the Association Trustees collectively at any time.

ARTICLE X Dissolution

The Association will be perpetual. In the event that the Trustees should collectively decide to dissolve the Association, all assets of the Association shall be liquidated by the Association Chairperson and funds acquired from the aforesaid liquidation shall be used to settle all Association liabilities including distribution to Association creditors, if any lawful debt is then outstanding. In the event of dissolution, absent any debt owed or outstanding, the Associations founding members shall maintain sole discretion of the disposition of Association assets.

ARTICLE XI Parliamentary Authority

Parliamentary authority governing each meeting of the Association shall be determined by the Association Trustees

ARTICLE XII Amendments

Section 1. Recognizing that as the Association grows there may be need for amendment to these articles and to the Association bylaws, these Articles of Association and the bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Trustees.

Section 2. Any amendment to these Articles of Association and/or by-laws shall be affected by the Chairperson.

Section 3. Essential Living Collective, provides a platform for all Association members to be capable of conducting business, in the private domain, with the Association as a private contractual business matter and strictly outside of commerce, keeping private business in the private domain.

Subsection A. As a lawfully formed, constitutionally protected (as well as protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Canadian Charter, as well as various State Constitutions), Private Membership Association (PMA) any and all matters of dispute between members and the Association or between members of the Association remain in the private and are not subject to regulation, decision, rule, or authority of any outside authority, agency, unit, or other governing entity.

Subsection B. In the event of dispute between the Association and a member, or between members of the PMA, Essential Living Collective Chairperson, or the Association designated group or tribunal, retains all authority to settle disputes.

Subsection C. Dispute resolution decisions by Essential Living Collective designated tribunal are final and binding upon all parties as a matter of contractual obligation and are not subject to appeal to any outside authority.

Subsection D. Any member of Essential Living Collective who refuses to comply with the final dispute resolution settlement will be sanctioned as seen fit by the Chairperson of the tribunal including, fines, special assessments, restricting or limiting the ability to conduct private business with other members under the protections afforded to this PMA up to and including the termination of membership in this Association. Essential Living Collective Chairperson retains the sole authority to seek any other remedy resolution deemed necessary, both within the private and public domain.

Section 4: The following Essential Living Collective Membership Application shall be incorporated into these Articles and shall be applicable to all Association members.

ESSENTIAL LIVING COLLECTIVE – A Faith Based Private Membership Association

By joining Essential Living Collective, a Faith Based Private Membership Association and/or any website or Social Media Group started by, created by, maintained or organized by the Association, I agree to the terms and conditions of Essential Living Collective, a Private Membership Association, Agreement as follows.

  1. This Association of members declares that our objective is to allow the Private Membership Association founders and all Private Membership Association members with a platform in which to conduct all manner of private business with the Association and with other Associations and Association members, keeping all business in the private domain and utilizing the protections guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the Constitution to conduct business in private and to provide a platform for members to conduct business in the private domain under all protections acknowledged and guaranteed by the Constitution of the UNITED STATES, and any previous protections guaranteed.
  2. We believe that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the Constitution of the United States of America and the Charter of Rights of Canada guarantees our members the rights of free speech, petition, assembly, and the right to gather together for the lawful purpose of helping one another in asserting our rights protected by those Constitutions, Charter and Statutes, in addition to the rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to not incriminate ourselves, and the right to freely exercise all other unalienable rights as granted by God and guaranteed by those Constitutions, Charter, and Statutes.

WE HEREBY Declare that we are exercising our right of “freedom of association” as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the U.S. Constitution and equivalent provisions of the various State Constitutions, as well as the Charter of Rights of Canada. This means that our Association activities are restricted to the private domain only and outside of the jurisdiction of government entities, agencies, Trustees, agents, contractors, and other representatives as provided by law.

  1. We declare the basic right of all of our members to decide for themselves which Association members could be expected to give wise counsel and advice concerning all matters including, but not limited to physical and mental health care assistance, law, and any other matter and to accept from those members any and all counsel, advice, tips, whom we feel are able to properly advise and assist us.
  2. We expect the freedom to choose and perform for ourselves the types of therapies, modalities, and treatments that we think best for diagnosing, treating and preventing illness and disease and for achieving and maintaining optimum wellness, as well as the freedom to choose for ourselves any types of assistance which may be made regarding law and any other business activity.
  3. The mission of this Association is to provide members with a forum to conduct private business between members in the private domain with the protections guaranteed within the aforesaid Constitution and Charter remaining fully intact.
  4. The Association will recognize any individual, person(s), natural or otherwise (irrespective of race, color, or religion) who have joined this Association or any social media group organized, created, or managed by this Association and is in agreement with these principles and policies as a member of this Association, providing said person has not been sanctioned or banned by the association, and will provide a medium through which its individual members may associate for actuating and bringing to fruition the purposes heretofore declared.
  5. Membership to this Association, “Essential Living Collective”, and any of its groups may be terminated by the association Chairperson or their designee, at any time, should they conclude that a specific member is interacting with them or any other members in a way that is contrary or detrimental to the focus, principles, and betterment of this Association.

I agree this contract began on the date of my joining “Essential Living Collective”. I declare that by joining this Association and/or the Associations websites and/or social media group(s), I have carefully read the whole of this document and I understand and agree with it. I also agree that, should I disagree with any part of this statement, I will immediately provide written notice of termination of my membership here.

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