Elderberry Shrub

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Our tart & tangy elderberry shrub is a sophisticated sipping mixer infusion of organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother), elderberries, and raw honey. This elderberry botanical infusion is full of health benefits, including gut-friendly probiotics, never heated, and delightful on the palate and for your digestive & immune health!

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Add 2T or more to mix with other beverages to flavor bubbly water, create a mocktail, or spike with your favorite adult after-hours beverage. Makes ~ 16 drinks

An elderberry shrub is a refreshing colonial-period drink, also known as drinking vinegar, made by combining elderberries, apple cider vinegar, and raw honey. The brew is infused together for several weeks to create a tart and tangy, probiotic-rich, health-forward beverage that is added to water and has been consumed for centuries. In recent years, it’s become a trend-right alternative to soda and alcoholic beverages.

The term “shrub” is derived from the Arabic word “sharāb,” which means “to drink.” Shrubs were popular during the colonial era as a way to preserve fruit and extend its shelf life. They were also used as a tonic to improve digestion and boost the immune system.

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Customer Reviews

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Billie Skibiski
LOVE Elderberry Shrub

Put a splash in my cup of Matcha Green Tea every day. ♥️

Rebecca Gordon
First Bottle

So far so good. I also have this with sparkling water in the afternoon. A great alternative to just plain water, which is my go to drink. Hoping this will act as a alternative also to a probiotic. We will see.

Pamela P.
Elderberry Shrub

I absolutely love this in my sparkling water every evening! It is refreshing but I also feel that it helps in digestion. Loving it and on my 2nd bottle 😋

Elder shrub

Fantastic product. I Have a small glass in the evening. I have tendinitis and work with my hands a lot, and I feel like my inflammation has lessened in my wrists and hands as well. Also hve been sleeping better.

Bottoms up, Matt! This ferment is lip-smacking and delicious!


This super power drink is fabulous! It cleared my sinuses and some stress sores I had on the inside of my nose.

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